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3 Styles for Eyeglass Wearing Gals

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I'm here today to share to you some styling tips when you're wearing your eyeglasses. Let's face it, not everyone has 20-20 eyesight. Most people think that wearing glasses make it difficult to wear a variety of outfits since they have to consider their glasses as part of their outfit. I read somewhere that 57% of people have glasses or contact lenses. With that high percentage, you'd think that girls with glasses are all over the place and have already mastered the art of styling clothes with their glasses. But, that's not really the case at times.

I would constantly read about girls having self-esteem issues because they have eyeglasses and I find that rather disappointing. Personally, I love people who wear glasses. I find their choice of frame or the size of their eyeglasses to be a reflection of their personality. I'm especially fond of big vintage style eyeglasses. I want to promote the use of eyeglasses and letting you guys know that there are brands, like Warby Parker, that lets you have clear eyesight without forsaking your style. Don't worry guys, all the sets I've used in this post will be linked to its respective Polyvore page so you can see the products that I've included.
Fray Me + "Roland" of Warby Parker Spring 2017 Collection
The first set I've put together is partnered with a very retro clubmaster style of eyeglasses that I'm very fond of these days. I've been fond of this kind of style since it makes you look interesting as well as a good frame for your face. This kind of eyeglass style, I thought, would look good with the fashion trend of frayed or distressed pant bottoms. Partner that with an off-shoulder top that's nice and flowing and you'll give off a classic understated feel to your look. Some people might partner that kind of style with flats or something basic but I thought having an interesting patterned boots would fit more to the style that I wanted to give off.

If you're curious about the glasses, it's a piece from Warby Parker's new collection. The eyeglass is called Caspar and it looks like this up close.

The next set I made has a more edgy style to it. The theme for this is "bad girl going out for the weekend" kind of vibe. Bad girls are usually portrayed with strong looks and usually they don't wear glasses but I don't think that's the case. There are some bad ass girls out there that wear eyeglasses. The set I made has the basics like leather jackets, thigh high boots, and the in-trend accessory right now-- chokers.

What I want to focus on though and the piece that I used as the main point of this look is the skirt. When I saw this skirt, I knew it'll be the main piece. I love how sexy it is with one side of it having the illusion of a strap yet it doesn't look too racy as a whole. It just gives the illusion of sexy, which I'm really into these days. The eyeglasses that I saw in Warby Parker that fit this style is this piece called Rose. It's sexy and different but it still has a silhouette of a classic eyeglass.

Bad Girls Need Day Offs Too! + "Rose" of Warby Parker Spring 2017 Collection

Last, but definitely not the least of the sets I've made, is a set for romantics. If you're Filipino, you'll call this the "lola" style or the gradma style since it plays around with the more traditional silhouettes and the length of the dress I chose wasn't a mini or mid-thigh length. To be honest with you guys, I love styles like these as well. I'm a bit of a chameleon in terms of my general style but I love classic silhouettes and long length skirts. I find them convenient, comfortable, and easy to style.

I thought that for a style like this, accessories should be practical and should be more focused on small details rather than having big statement pieces. So, I thought a couple of cute pins and a watch that's of the same palette as your shoes would look good in an outfit like the one in my set. Also, if you notice, the bag I chose also has small details like the cat ears on it. Small details like that, in my opinion, make an outfit standout. 
Chill, Lady + "Moore" of Warby Parker Spring 2017 Collection
As you can see, I chose a bigger frame for this look since it goes well with the whole look. I've sported this kind of glasses before and I absolutely love them. I have a tendency to not like glasses that have small frames since I hate seeing the sides of the frames. It, apparently, breaks my focus when I'm doing something and I notice my glasses' frames.

I think I'll end this post here. I think it's too long now and I've already edited this to make it shorter. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I would also like to thank Warby Parker for giving me a sneak peek of their Spring 2017 collection. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the new styles and it gave me an idea on what to get for my new pair since I lost my eyeglasses during my holiday trip. If you guys want to see more of their glasses, you can head on to Warby Parker's website or comment down below so I can make a different post about it. xx


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