Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sessions Series: Miro Valera

Ikot - Miro Valera

After a lot of thinking and finally having the time to actualize my ideas, I've made the first of (hopefully) many more videos on my YouTube channel. Yes, I do have a channel. I just don't post on it. I'm going to incorporate my channel to this blog and hopefully make a lot of quality content for you guys. I decided the best way to do this is to make a series.

Sessions Series is a series of videos I've taken in Sessions Bar and Resto. It's not a lot but I wanted to share it to you guys since I had a great time attending music events and listening to new bands. As you guys know, I've rekindled my love for OPM and have been going to gigs and music festivals. You guys will be seeing a lot of music related posts soon. I'll be posting Mayonnaise's album tour, the rest of the Fete dela Musique posts, and the Indie Night event as well. I'll also be posting some of my travels as well so watch out for that. xx


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