Tuesday, June 07, 2016

[Foodie Log] Kogi Bulgogi

My mom and I went to this restaurant a few months back when I accompanied her to do some errands. We wanted to try it out since it had a good vibe. My mom ordered bibimbap while I had kimbap. If you guys don't know what those are, I can get into further detail on it in a bit.

This is kimbap. It's similar to the Japanese' sushi but instead of raw fish or a single ingredient, it consists of ham, veggies, and spiced beef or pork. I like kimbap but I like love sushi more. As far as taste goes, it was an average kimbap. Nothing new, but not bad as well. The serving is quite big and can fill your tummy if you're up for a semi-light to medium meal.

What my mom is eating is bibimbap. It consists of egg, rice, beef or pork, and vegetables. It's usually served in a hot plate and there is an option of having the egg raw or fried. It's sided with kimchi and chili paste sauce, or gochujang in Korean. My mom particularly loves this dish and whenever we're in a Korean restaurant, she makes it a point to order bibimbap. My mom actually liked their bibimbap and the serving is quite big. It'll fill you up quite well.

Another point why my mom and I tried out this restaurant is because of its interior design. I loved the simple design and the clean visuals. I also liked that they had artworks and typography on their walls. From their lighting to the tables and chairs, it was quite welcoming. The place felt warm and accommodating but it also encompassed the Korean aesthetic.

I'll end my post here. Would I go back here? Sure. I wouldn't mind spending some alone time in this restaurant. It had a contemplative vibe to it which I like. Have you guys eaten here before? What did you think of the place? Like it? Hate it? Let me know down on the comments. xx


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