Monday, June 27, 2016

FGMM: Smilky

How can I even begin explaining to you guys how much this song gets me going? If you haven't clicked the play button yet, I'm sure you don't know why I'm being like this but if you did play the song already... You know, don't you? I suggest you hit that play button and enjoy the song.

I'm sharing to you guys another song that's perfect for slow dancing and maybe even a bit of loving. It can easily go from being a loving song to a foreplay in the bedroom in a snap of a finger. The guitar solo is something to look forward to, I promise you. The lyrics of the song is about the need to touch another person under the hazy lights that could only be seen through hooded eyes. The yearning you feel when someone you love is near, the burn you have for your lover, the kind of need that can only be quenched by another person. That's what this song is all about.

I regret not being able to listen to SUD live but I'll make it a promise to not make the same mistake again when the time arises. The next time I'll have the opportunity to watch the band perform live, I'll be there.


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