Monday, June 20, 2016

FGMM: Love Supreme

WARNING: NSFW due to mild nudity, theme, and violence portrayed in the video.

I've made a post about this band yesterday and I saw it fitting to have my Feel Good Monday Music post about them. I listened to this song, before I heard it live at Fete de la Musique's Indie stage, when I was researching the band line up for the event. I wanted to know the sound of each band so I'd know what time I should go there and I'd have some expectation to their performances.

When I searched for MilesExperience, this was the first video that showed up on the list. I must say, when I heard this song I became a fan of them. Want to know the icing to the cake? The live performance is even better. Once you hear Justin, the guitarist's, intro you'd be grooving to the song from start to finish. Maybe, even asking for more.

This is the type of song you can listen to while writing a post on your blog and you'll feel the flow of the words coming out of you in spades. Like what I'm feeling, right now. You can listen to this song on a rainy night with your eyes closed and just feeling the universe. This is the type of song that seeps into your bones and soothes your soul. So, enjoy guys. xx


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