Sunday, June 19, 2016

[Fete de la Musique] Miles Experience

Last night I went to Green Sun Hotel, Makati to watch and listen to the bands performing in Fete Indie and Fete Rock which are sub stages of the Fete de la Musique event. I had a lot of plans to go stage hopping around the metro but later on decided to stay in Green Sun. I guess their hastag, #WalangAlisanSaGreenSun was right.

I'm gonna make a main post about my whole experience in Green Sun but I'll make my first post about the event on one of the bands I heard yesterday. I'll be doing a chronological order of posts on the bands that I've seen perform on the event. That's why, I'm going to talk about Miles Experience first. When we got to Green Sun, they were the band playing. They were actually the reason why my cousin wanted to go to Green Sun and Fete Indie instead of the main stage.

Miles Experience was a delight to watch. It's no wonder that a lot of their fans went to the event early just to watch them. They played at around 2:30 or 3:00 PM. I'm not really sure. They really made the crowd excited. It was a good start to the event and I'm quite thankful to my cousin for introducing this band to me. I am absolutely a fan of their guitarist Justin. You can really see his love for music and the guitar when you watch him play.

Not to mention that he totally kills it with the riffs and the flow he makes makes you want to bask in the sound. I recommend watching them live because you'll get the feel and energy of the band more in comparison to hearing their songs via YouTube or in other music related outlets. I'll end my post here. If you want to hear MilesExperience, check out my latest FGMM post. xx


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