Tuesday, May 24, 2016

[Foodie Log] Moshi Koshi

I went to this restaurant a long time ago and I've recently found some of the photos I took while I was there with my family. If you want to know how long ago this post should have been made, just think of the date of the Run United. That was how long ago these photos were taken and should have been posted here in OFL. I know, I have terrible blogger manners and characteristics. Hahaha!

I ordered this delicious Niku Soba while my family ordered a variety of udons and ramens. As you can see below, their presentation is beautiful which I really appreciate since I'm a visual person. I liked that they had different noodle types we can choose from instead of the usual egg noodles. I think soba is by far my most favorite noodle. I love the texture and the taste is has which to my surprise, some people don't like.

Soba, if you guys didn't know, is what Japanese call buckwheat noodles. I find buckwheat noodles to be more filling and is a complex carb. I'm not really dieting, a specialist, or anything of that sort. However, it doesn't harm you to think about things like complex carbs and stuff like the ingredients of what you eat.

I also liked the interior of the restaurant. I'm a sucker for clean, minimal, and "bare" designs especially in restaurants since it removes the clutter that a lot of people make when in a restaurant. What do I mean by that? I meant, the amount of traffic a restaurant usually has in between their tables and the chatter it brings tend to diminish the enjoyment of your experience. Of course, that's not always the case. But, if you see Moshi Koshi, you'll understand what I meant with their interior design.

Oh. I forgot to mention that you also have the option to add Ebi Tempura, kara-age, or kai-age on your noodles. They also have some options for your ramen. I think when I go there next time, I'll try their curry rice or maybe a bento.

Excuse my parents. They can be rather goofy.

02 4030670

Mall of Asia Complex (MOA)
Ground Level, Two E-Com Center, Ocean Drive,
Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City


Have you guys eaten in Moshi Koshi?
If you have, tell me what you think of the place!
If you haven't yet, tell me your favorite type of noodle or ramen!
I' d love to hear from you guys. xx


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