Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hello, Boyfriend!

I wanted to deviate from my usual outfit posts and make one catered for my male readers, if I even have any. I think in our age we are going back to basics, back to our roots, and back to the gentlemanly ways of the 40s to 60s. We're starting to appreciate the elegance of a well put together outfit and a man that knows how to take care of himself. So, I made this sort of outfit post that's inspired from the urban jungle that is the metropolis.

No matter where you are, you may be in New York, California, Manila, London, Frankfurt, or Seoul, I'm pretty sure you've seen these well put together men with collared tops, groomed beards, and on point watches or shoes. They are everywhere these days and I couldn't be any happier. No proper thinking woman would complain about a dashing man. Anyway, I'd like to explain why I chose the things I've put in this set and how they all come together to make a coherent look.

Lets start with the top. I really liked how the button down collared shirt have buttons that are in contrast to its fabric. It gives the top a point of interest instead of just a bland look some of men's clothes have these days. I didn't add any additional photos for the pants since I really liked the pants that was partnered with the button down. I chose a watch in the same color scheme as the button down's fabric. As for the shoes, I chose a beautiful derby shoes that I think completes the whole look.

I added some grooming implements and a great carry-on luggage for the on-the-go man. Nowadays, there are a lot of men who grow out their beards. I think learning how to properly groom them makes you go from looking like a homeless person to lumberjack chic (is that even a real term?). I included in this post 2 types of shaving implements which both uses a more traditional way of shaving.

I'll end my post here. Below are the things I've included in this outfit set post. What are your thoughts on the ever-growing population of men growing out their beards while wearing debonair clothing? Like it? Hate it? Let me know down at the comments!

Grenson mens derby shoes
13,150 PHP -

Movado mens stainless steel watch
36,630 PHP -

ASOS mens button down collar shirt
1,125 PHP -

Cedes mens grooming
49,815 PHP -

Men s grooming
12,545 PHP -

The Art of Shaving mens grooming
8,130 PHP -

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