Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Game Day: This War of Mine

Hello loves,

This is a new thing for me to post here in OFL. I'm going to recommend a game to you guys. If you haven't checked this game out yet, I highly recommend that you do. I want this to be a proper post so, I'll say some points as to why you should get this game. And yes, I really did try the game out for myself.

This War of Mine has an interesting way of storytelling through a cause and effect type of gaming. The game was set during a country's cold war which led to it's citizen's demise and the rise of military groups, raiders, and normal citizens killing for food. It shows the reality of war, how people are affected by it, and the consequences of one's actions. Morality is just a concept and survival is the prime drive of people. You'll meet people with stories that are engaging, enthralling, and totally immersive.

For the game style and the game's design, you could say it's a slider type of game with a gritty design. Even though you could consider it as a slider game, the environment is interactive. You can play the game via mobile or PC. It's very simple and yet still engaging due to the overwhelming pull that the different characters in the game give. It's one of those games where plot truly matters more than the grandeur of the game's design.

The endings of the game characters are not the same. Basically speaking, your characters' ending depends on the decisions you make throughout the game. If you live a life of crime, your character might have an ending that ends them up in jail. Or their promises of looking and eventually finding their loved ones could also be forfeited. Nothing is certain in war and in some cases in this game some of your characters will leave you or be broken due to the decisions you let them do. I can't even tell you guys how surprising it if for someone to see a sort of comrade leave due to being broken or because he/she does not have the right response to your decisions.

I'm going to end here since the post is getting long. If you have any questions about the app/game, let me know by commenting down below. Alright? Great!


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