Saturday, January 16, 2016

Oh. Range

Hello loves,

As I've promised you guys, here is my outfit breakdown for my previous look post, Oh. Range. Take note though that the products I listed here were not the products I used on that look post. I just wanted to give you guys some sort of outfit inspiration from that look as well.

As you guys know, I'm a big fan of minimalist style and I usually opt for looks that are black and white in shade. Even though I'm from a tropical country, I made this set to fit the Fall/Winter season. Anyway I better get down to explaining the outfit. So, here's the breakdown.

I partnered a striped sweater crop top with a really cute skater skirt. I considered the cold weather so I partnered the ensemble with above the knees wool socks. I saw these incredible boots while I was making this set and I thought, hey... this goes really well with the outfit. So, I added it with this set. I'm a big believer in simple silhouettes and statement accessories that accentuate, not overpower, the outfit.

As for the accessories, I chose gold tones to make it simple yet elegant. I think the clustered pearl necklace looked good with the neckline of the top so I incorporated that as well. I also chose a nice black clutch to partner with the look instead of the usual hand bag or what-not. Since I patterned the outfit for the Fall/Winter season, I added a grey wool coat. It may not be black or white but it certainly complements the overall look I was going for in this outfit.

So yeah, I guess that's about it. If you liked the set, comment down below. I'll be making more posts like this in the future. Do anticipate that soon. xx

Oh. Range

White jumper
1,475 PHP -

MANGO lapel coat
3,790 PHP -

Above knee socks
515 PHP -

Chicwish print skirt
1,995 PHP -

Versace knee high leather boots
58,570 PHP -

Sergio Rossi structured purse
8,955 PHP -

Kate Spade necklace
13,920 PHP -

Lipsy ring
740 PHP -

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