Monday, January 18, 2016

FGMM: High Hopes

Hello loves,

Where do I even begin with this one? I'm a big fan of the band Kodaline and their songs have always made my heart beat fast, eyes water, and just have this incredible feeling of being present. I'm sharing to you guys this song of theirs entitled, High Hopes. I appreciate the story telling they've done in this music video. It was gut wrenching.

I applaud the director, the producers, and the band for creating a story for the music video that you could invest your in. I hope you guys will love this music video and really listen to the lyrics of the song. I swear to you, your heart will bleed for the characters in the MV and it'll strike a cord in your heart. I guarantee it.

Let's all have high hopes for tomorrow guys. Don't lose hope for what is to come even if you have to face an uncertain tomorrow or if you feel like you've hit rock bottom. Stand up and be steadfast. Don't ever think that where you are now is the end of your journey. You're barely at the end of your story. Never give up on yourself and remember that the world will still spin and the sun will still shine tomorrow even if today seems like an impossible day. I believe in you. I really do. We're all in this shitty world together and we can't always have shitty days. We have to choose to have good days. Just hold on and be steadfast in your decision to be better, be happier, to be whatever you want to be in your life. Okay?

If you have any songs you want to suggest I give a listen to, leave a comment below. Enjoy! xx

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