Thursday, December 10, 2015

Black Magic

Hey loves,

I'm back with another Polyvore look. This time I went with an all black ensemble and called the look Black Magic. I was inspired to make this look because of my fascination with cold weather and the color black. Even though the outfit I put together consists of shorts and a crop top, it's still appropriate with the weather because of the outerwear and boots I partnered with the look.

I wanted the look to have a grunge and sexy look, that's why I chose those shorts with thigh suspenders on them. I was supposed to add tights as well but thought it would be better with over the knee boots. As you guys have probably seen celebrities wearing lately, I also added a baseball cap on this look. It goes well with the grunge look especially if you have those  slightly tousled hair.

As you can see, the outerwear I chose is a leather and wool mix that goes well with both the crop top and the boots. It'll be what chases away the cold weather while you're out walking in the town and it'll also keep the sexiness of the look hidden. I chose a crop top with long sleeves to have a contrast of sorts with the top being cropped and the shorts.

Finally, the accessories I chose for the whole look is a gold over-sized watch, a ribbon choker, and gold multilevel rings. In my opinion, black goes well with gold and it gives it an effortless elegance even though the overall look is edgy. Of course, you got to have dark nail for a look such as this one. I suggest either going for a dark grey, midnight blue, or black itself as a hue for your nails.

I hope you like this look and I hope to hear what you guys think about it. Do you like it? Hate it? Should I make more style sets or looks? Let me know at the comments section below.

PS. I know the prices are expensive but
 I made this look as a point of reference and not
as a "must follow" brands and what-not.
Not a sponsored post.

Black Magic

Black crop top
1,145 PHP -

Wool coat
9,930 PHP -

Leather shorts
1,925 PHP -

Naturalizer knee high boots
10,810 PHP -

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch
10,620 PHP -

Valfré black necklace
9,440 PHP -

Gold jewelry
8,260 PHP -

Keds baseball cap
1,225 PHP -

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