Monday, November 23, 2015


Hey loves,

I made this Polyvore look a while back and I decided to edit the post just to give a little insight on what I was thinking or what my inspiration is for the look. I have this fascination for black and white these past few days. I was checking out outfits in Polyvore and came up with this Fall/Winter look.

As some of my older readers would know, I'm a big believer in style and comfort. I don't believe in certain styles that make you swear of fashion forever. Although, pain in the sake of fashion is sometimes needed, it's not something we should do at a daily basis. This look I created is for your everyday, out-on-the-city, and errand day type.

I partnered distressed jeans with a white collared sleeveless top then topped it off with a black and white block pullover to stave off the cold. As for shoes, I chose ankle boots and since the main colors (or shades) are black and white, I picked shoes that would suit the look. I also picked out an over-sized watch as a form of accessory that's also functioning. There is no sense in form if it has no function, yes?

I added an optional beanie in cases that it gets too cold outside. So, there you go. That's the look I created and the reasons why I put the pieces together. Let me know what you guys think about the look by leaving a comment down below. Yes?

PS. I know the prices are expensive but
 I made this look as a point of reference and not
as a "must follow" brands and what-not.
Not a sponsored post.

Sleeveless top
11,275 PHP -

Toast long sleeve sweater
8,210 PHP -

Levi's levi jeans
18,690 PHP -

Alberta Ferretti short boots
37,350 PHP -

Black booties
6,110 PHP -

Olivia Pratt leather jewelry
2,350 PHP -

Slouchy beanie
6,095 PHP -

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