Friday, June 05, 2015

KPop Lovin: EXO's Love Me Right MV

Hey babes! I'm here today to ask for your help in spreading the love for a KPop boy group that I am absolutely in love with right now. They are called EXO from the company, SM Entertainment, who also happens to be the company that handles my KPop boy group first love, Super Junior. I won't discuss this any further since it'll eat up a lot of space and too much fangirling.

Anyway, I need your help guys. All you have to do is click on the video above or watch it directly on YouTube. I don't really mind as long as the video gets enough views so we, fans, can have some of the unreleased content from SM. We're near our first goal which is 7 million views. As of 23:45 PST, we are only a shy away from 6.5 million views. With your guys help, I'm pretty sure the number of views will surpass SM's goals in no time.

So, please do watch the video. I'll love you guys so much if you did.
If you're also a fan of EXO, or any group in the realm of KPop,
do drop by on the comments below this post.
I'd love to hear from you guys. xx
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  2. Those are some skinny football players -sad to see that Filipinos, even the blogger just love these types of music because of the peoples looks. 1-word describes this, petty.


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