Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Summer Wedding Dreams

Hello loves!

I've been gone for a long time. I've had trouble with my internet connection, my finals in school, as well as my relationship. It has been a topsy-turvy year for me. I've neglected you guys a lot. Anyway, I'm making a post today because I got inspired a lot by these wonderful gowns from and I thought, Hey! Why not make a wedding idea post! So here I am.

I thought that since it's summer already in my country, and it'll probably be summer soon in your country, I'm going to make a Summer Wedding idea post. There are a lot of wedding themes you can do during the Summer. I'm going to give you guys a theme that's commonly used during summer weddings. In this post I'll show you a beach wedding concept. I hope you'll like it and I'll be able to help my bride-to-be readers.

Now on to the beach wedding concept.
Cebu, Philippines
Living in a tropical country, I can boast of the many beautiful beaches here in the Philippines. I think that's one reason why I'm so fond of beach weddings. Here are some of the wedding dresses that I wanted if ever I do get a beach wedding.

A-line Sweetheart Tulle Satin Asymmetrical Lace Wedding Dress
Sheath/Column Halter Chiffon Ankle-length Sashes / Ribbons Wedding Dresses
Sheath/Column Sweetheart Chiffon Court Train Beading Wedding Dresses
If you've read my other posts about wedding gowns, then you'd know how much I love gowns with these designs. I also love gowns that have trains. It gives drama to the bride and it's just beautiful as a whole. Although you have to consider that it'll be hard if you're going to walk on the shoreline and the sand will be in your dress... But that's okay, considering how awesome your wedding photos would look like. Hahaha!

I think I'll end my post here. Thank you guys for still reading my blog and for continuously supporting me and my blog. Good bye for now!

PS. I'll be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in Singapore starting from tomorrow. xx

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