Sunday, September 01, 2013

Escuela Taller Trip

Hello guys! I've been a bit late in publishing this post. I have been a bit busy with Finals week and I'm still getting my old blog regimen back so please, bear with me. Any who, I wanted to share to you guys one of our field trips for class. I know, a college student taking fields trips is funny right? But it was actually a great experience for me. It has inspired me, and I hope it will inspire you too.

My art class went to Escuela Taller in Intramuros, Manila. It's a place for art, art restoration and reproduction. I was really inspired with this place because of their theme. They were artists and craftsmen that did not care for the glory or limelight but more on the technique and application of art theories. If you're confused on what Escuela Taller is... it's a school for the arts but more for restorations and remaking of classical art.

This is the director of Escuela Taller and he was the one who toured us in the vicinity of the school. What I like about Escuela Taller is that it helps out-of-school youth by introducing them to the Arts in a practical way. It is as if the Arts has the possibility of changing their lives, and it does. The school equips them with knowledge and skill that would help them find jobs in the art community or in any kind of industry.

They study steel work, masonry, wood work, restoration, plumbing, and even electrical wiring and such. They learn such a broad and practical skills that can help them become part of the art industry by preserving and restoring it. It truly is amazing.

I'll show you guys some of the work they've done.

This is one of my favorite works that was in their gallery. It's actually a boat with intricate designs that they decided to make it as a table. Cool right? I'm absolutely a fan of the design.

I am also amazed by their precision and just well done pieces that are truly, undeniably, works of art. My favorite part of the whole school was the steel work station and the masonry station. It was just inspiring to see their work.

We actually had the privilege of seeing one of the teachers in Escuela Taller's Steel Station make that leaf above. I was astounded by how precise he was with every stroke and every clink of his hammer. I couldn't believe that a piece of steel was able to transform into that pretty leaf.

I also love their bonsai garden in the middle of the school. It was a refreshing to the eyes.

They also have this station where they restore old doors or wood related pieces from heritage sites and places that are part of our country's history. Such as that door above. They actually study how to make newly cut wood look like it's part of the original structure of old wood.

Lastly, the pattern making station. I was blown away by the students in this station, actually all of the stations blew me away but this was one of the top ones. Patterns are hard to make. Seriously. And here they were, making patterns as if it's was as easy as pie. Well, it looked easy when they were making it. 

I think I'll end my post here.

Yep. End it there. Cool masonry works right?

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