Monday, August 26, 2013

Escuela Taller Street Style

Hello dears, I just wanted to share to you guys about some of the interesting stuff that I saw during one of our field trips in school. I'm going to do the street style version first and make another post about the actual field trip as well. I think you guys will really enjoy my upcoming post since it's really educational and not to mention inspiring, especially for the young artists out there like me.

First one I'd really love to share is my friend Abbie's, owner of Ferreted, earrings. I really love the design and the pattern of her earrings. I don't know why I liked it but it just has that artsy feeling in it. Right?

I saw one of my classmate's shoes while I was trying to listen to the Director of Escuela Taller. I just absolutely loved his shoes. I don't even know the brand or the name of my classmate but his shoes were awesome.

This bag is also totally awesome. I have this feeling that it's a vintage bag since it does look a little worn out but still, I think it adds beauty and a little personality to the bag. I think leather bags get better in time, of course with proper handling and maintenance. Just love it.

I'll end this post with my friend's bag. I love his not-so-little trinkets. I also love that it's big enough to carry our school needs (i.e. laptop and sketchpad). I also love the color. I also want his bag so much that I want to ask if I can have it. lol Yes, I'm that much of a freeloader. Haha! I kid. Any who, that's that! :)

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  1. Boots are Timerland, it is possible to see their logo at the pic #2

    1. Hi! Thanks for telling me what brand it was. I'm not really familiar with the brand so thanks! :)


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