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What Can You Buy With 300 Pesos in Vito Cruz?

A commercial here in the Philippines would always ask, "Hanggang saan ba aabot ang 20 pesos mo?" or in English, "Where can you go with 20 pesos?" and if you're not familiar with Philippine currency, 20 pesos is equivalent to .50 USD (more or less). You can actually buy a few things with 20 pesos but that's not really the point of this post. Hahaha!

I thought I could share to you, my readers (especially those who are studying in DLSU/CSB), how I survive with a daily allowance of 300 pesos in a very pricey neighborhood like Vito Cruz. I'll be showing after the jump 3 ways to maximize your money and how I usually spend my 300 pesos. You'd be surprised with the amount of money I spend on food. No. Scrap that. I use most of my money on food. But if you're not as much of a glutton as me, you'll probably save a lot of money. Hahaha!

Hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed making this. xx

So, we start with 300 pesos in our wallets. The first one on my list of things that I do with my money is setting aside my commute or my travel expenses. I live very far from Vito Cruz and my travel usually take 1-2 hours without traffic. My fare would usually be 45 pesos for one-way, so 90 pesos for travel expenses. You're lucky if you have a car and you don't need to scrap 100 pesos off your budget for travel expenses. But if you're like me, you're most probably living off 200 pesos food money for a whole day worth of classes.

Food Trick # 1: McDo Every Day, Every Day Chicken Fillet
You're a true La Sallian student if you've tried to eat at McDonald's for a whole week. Sure. You can do that but you'll get sick of it by the 2nd week and you might not eat in Mcdo for a long time after that. We can't let that happen because we all know, McDo is our friend. Hahaha! Talk about brain washing, eh?

The photo above is actually a collage of things that I eat in McDonald's that doesn't cost much but still fill my hunger pangs before, after, and even during classes. Here's a price list (note: this is all from memory and prices may change):

Chicken Fillet Meal - 50 pesos
Chicken Fillet Sandwich (ala carte) - 39 pesos
Iced Coffee (Vanila) - 45 pesos
Float and Fries Combo (Coke) - 55 pesos
Total Amount:  189 pesos

This usually fills me for the whole day. I'd usually start with an Iced Coffee in the morning, Chicken Fillet Meal & Sandwich for lunch, then Float and Fries combo for snacks or breaks. I know, I know. I have a very unhealthy lifestyle and food choices but that's just one of the things I eat in a week. No, scrap that. You'd most likely say my food choices are awful when you see the rest of this post. Hahaha!

Food Trick # 2: Find Good Food Spots 
Every school has one. Those little food spots that lets you eat at an affordable price that does not compensate the taste or serving. We all know them as the combo places where you can eat a rice meal for 50-80 pesos, sometimes even 30 pesos, and sometimes it even includes soup or a pasta. I won't go in depth with this one since I am planning on making a separate post about it. Let me just give you a short description of what you can see on the food spots above.
Eric's - Siomai + Quek-quek + Pancit Canton
Noel's - BEST barbecue + isaw + other ihaw-ihaw
Agno - Takbuhan ng mga gutom at walang budget. 80 pesos combo meals
7-Eleven - Microwave meals
Ministop - Fried Chicken meal
SEx - Bangus + Tapa + Tocino + Almusal Everyday meals 
Tattles - SISIG ♥

And I think that's most of it. I haven't written some of it though but I promise to make another post about food spots in Vito Cruz that will not only satisfy your cravings but also help you save some money.

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