Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Tigers Have Come To Play

Hello loves! This post is long overdue and it's supposedly not the first one on my list but I wanted to share this to you guys first. I went to Chinatown with my mother and some of our friends during the Chinese New Year. We had a great time going around Chinatown and stuffing our faces with great food. I was really fun.

What I want to share to you guys are some of the photos that I took while we were in Chinatown. As some of you might know, the Chinese New Year had went by so quickly and my mom wanted me to experience the Chinese New Year in Chinatown. I'll be making a lot of posts regarding my Chinatown visit. Expect a lot of food posts and some interesting things here and there.

One of my favorite part of the parade were these tigers that are colorful as hell. It was simply gorgeous. Not to mention it was noisy as hell but it was really fun. I could feel my heart thumping with every beat of their drum. I'd definitely want to go back next year if my mom's up for it.

There were also some tigers that went to different shops to banish the bad vibes away. Cool right? What's even more cool is that little kids are the ones that man the tigers and beat the drums. How cool is that?!

This is the poon that my mom and I first went to before we even went to see our friends. My mom said that it was necessary for us to visit this shrine before anything else. It was for good luck and for safety. I was really thrilled but kind of out of place since I forgot that it was the Chinese New Year and actually wore black. How stupid of me, right?

I think I'll end my post here.
See you on my next post loves! xx
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