Saturday, February 23, 2013

Macro Shots

Hello loves! I haven't posted in a while and I know you guys are probably bored and skipped my blog.. So, this post goes out to my lovely readers that have been with me from the start and have not left me. I love you guys. Seriously. I have been very blessed because of you and because of your love for this blog and myself. I know I have a lot of shortcomings and I thank you for still accepting me.

Here's a little snapshot of some of my things. We're learning focusing in class and we had to do macro shots. This was the best that I could do with my camera and the lenses I have. What do you guys think?

My 70mm-300mm lens that was not much of a help in this project but still, I love this lens. Imagine, it's older than me! It's from an analog camera and the auto-focus is a bit noisy but still a wonderful lens. For those of you that are wondering, it's a Tamron 70mm-300mm lens. :)

Here are some other photos that I took for my macro class. These weren't the ones I sent and passed to my professor but I hope you guys like them. I'll end my post here. xx

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