Monday, February 25, 2013

[Foodie Log] Ang Tunay Beef House

Hey you lovely doves! How art thou? I've scheduled this post since I was feeling very productive and chatty the other night. As you've seen on my previous post, we went to Chinatown during the Chinese New Year and went on a food trip with some of our friends. I decided that I wanted to share the experience with you guys.

The first place we went to was in Estero, the place was called Ang Tunay Beef House. You can find the place by just going straight to the Estero. When you're in Estero, there's a large tree there with steps going down and you can see lots of food places to eat in. Ang Tunay Beef House is somewhat at the end and when you see it, you might think it's small but it's not. The restaurant actually passes through a whole street which is quite long.

This is one of their dishes that I ordered. I actually don't know what it's called since my mother ordered it but from what I gathered it's called Maki Mi or something of that sort. It tastes really good and I truly recommend it to you guys. You should eat this during cold days or during rainy days. It's definitely a filling meal. The beef is really tender and the sauce is perfect. Just absolutely delicious.

If you guys are worried about the prices, their prices are actually worth it and you'll be able to eat a good meal with 100 to 200 pesos. Of course, I'm not including the really pricey meals such as Black Chicken and the like. Also, you can ask for free house tea here and no need to buy beverages, but that's only if you're okay with tea. If you aren't then there's a wide array of drinks you can buy. I recommend their shakes. Heehee.

The tofu in this place is also awesome. You can actually taste the star anise which makes the tofu very flavorful. It's one of the best tofu I have had but I'm not one to give judgement since I haven't tasted a lot of authentic Chinese cooking. I am telling you guys, it's soft. tasty, and very satisfying. You won't regret it plus, it's really cheap. I'm sure you won't regret it.

I'm ending my post here. I hope you guys visit this wonderful place and get to taste the Black Chicken that I couldn't taste. Hahaha! If you do go to this place, do tell me. Tell me what you think about the place and what you ate. Alright? :)
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