Thursday, January 17, 2013

[SARTORIAL] My Ge-ge-generation!

Hello loves! I've started doing sartorial posts in my blog and the post that started it all, here, was somewhat a successful venture. I decided that I'll be doing sartorial posts more often here in OFL. The truth is, I don't know if I can handle being a sartorial since I get shy at times. I just feel awkward asking someone if I could take their photo then take their photos in the middle of the street or in a hallway. It's just sooo weird and awkward.

So, I decided to start with people that are close to me, my friends, my family and my relatives. The first one was my classmate, Janina, and now I'm featuring my cousin, Yannah. She's really young. She's in her 2nd year in high school and she already has the laid-back chick vibe going for her. Haha! I think it runs in the family. Hahaha!

The thing with skinny girls is that they can wear anything and not look hoochie. When I wear a short skirt with a cropped top or what-not, I look all hoochie and just wrong. Hahaha! I love her top, if I could fit in it then I would wear it for myself. I also love the fact that she partnered the outfit with colorful accessories and a simple necklace so that the shirt's design would still be noticed. Cool right?

I think I'll end my post here.
Cheerios loves!
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