Tuesday, January 08, 2013

[OOTD] This Girl's Walking On Fire

Hey dearies! I'm posting another outfit post today. I don't know if you guys are enjoying it but I'm going to post it anyway. This is a stock outfit post again, I haven't been posting during the break and most of Nov-Dec even though I've got tons of things to share. Ready yourselves my dears, I'll be posting more often now. Teehee.

If you've seen the photo above somewhere before then I'm very happy that you're following me on Instagram. If you're following me in Instagram, do comment down below and I'd gladly do a shot out for you. If you're not following my Instagram account yet, you can just search for my username: reneejacobe. I'd love to see my followers and I'd love to get to know you guys.

Anywho, on to the outfit post. Yeah?

First, let me start with my make-up for the day. If you guys know me from before, I'm not the type to put on make-up or to even fix myself but these past few days/months I'm trying to change that behaviour. I did a simple eye make-up, a little blush, and some light lipstick. I don't know if you can see it on the photos below but I swear to you, I have make-up on. I'm actually quite obsessed with cat-eye design for my eyes.

I feel like my eyes look bigger and more chinky, sorry for my lack of better term. I'm thinking of trying out this whole make-up scene and hopefully, I'll be good enough to share some of make-up looks. If that's even a thing, I'm not so sure. After trying on make-up, I don't think I can ever go totally back to make-up free face. It just makes me more confident about myself. I know, it's not the right kind of confidence but it does boost one's morale.

So, my make-up's done. I'm going to show you guys my outfit for that day. It's actually quite simple and feminine. I feel like I need to step up my A-game and try out new styles. I need to be more adventurous. What do you think I should incorporate in my next outfit? Challenge me guys.

WHAT I WORE: Top (Supre), Cardigan (Terranova), Pants (UNIQLO),
Shoes (S&H), Bag (Martino), Accessories (Greenhills), Watch (Casio)

I'm in shades yet again. By shades, I mean that my outfit is composed of shades of red. I really have to thank my aunt for giving me pasalubong from Australia. My top was actually bought in Australia and I have 2 of them, pink and orange. I can actually wear it as a dress or partner it up with a pair of shorts but I had to be careful and wear pants since I was going to school.

Can I just spazz about UNIQLO's cotton skinny pants? It's just wonderful. I already have 4 pairs and I can't get enough of them. I'm wearing my wine coloured pants in this post, again wine is a shade of red. I don't know what's in my head but I feel like I need my clothes' colours to be of the same shade or have complimentary shades. Do you do that to your looks/outfits too?

And now, here's a close up of my look. I think I'll end this post here. I don't want to babble. 

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