Wednesday, January 09, 2013

[OOTD] Life's Too Short To Even Care Anymore

Hello dearies! Surprise, surprise! I'm posing another stock outfit post today. This should have been posted last month but I believe in the saying that it's better late than never. At least I won't regret not making a post and hate myself 'cos I lost you guys. I love you guys too much to even imagine having none of you around. It would just be too lonely. Any who, enough of the blah blah.

I'm really lucky today since I got the chance to take an outfit post during the magic hour of fashion bloggers. It's the time where the sun is almost touching the tip of the skyline, the rays are not harsh, and photos just look unbelievably gorgeous. If you want proof, just check out my photo above! I mean, come on! When did I even look as flawless as that? (Sorry. I praised myself. Hahaha! How egotistic of me.)

The photo above is one of the most awesome photo I have of my hair. I mean, I can't even. I'm going to be sad when I'll change my hair color in a few weeks. I'm still undecided with Blue Black and Violet Black or somewhere along that line. If you're following me on Instagram, you'd know how much I want a blue or violet hued hair. I just really want it so, I will. If I am to regret it, I'd rather regret doing it than not doing it because I'm scared. Enough blabber, on to the outfit post!
I've had this top for almost 3 years now. It's still alive, kicking, and to tell you the truth I can wear it in many ways. It's not my favorite though but it's definitely one of my go-to piece. I think it's really important to know what you like as a person so that when it comes to styling your own clothes, you'd instantly know what to choose. I'm no expert but I do find it easier to dress up when I've already asked myself what I want to wear the next day.

WHAT I WORE: Top (Thrifted), Pants (UNIQLO), Accessories (Greenhills), Watch (Casio)

Also, I find that knowing your body, knowing your faults and your strengths, you can empower yourself as a woman. Let's say, you have a big tummy (like me) but have great legs, you can emphasize on your legs by wearing a skirt and hide your tummy with a loose shirt or top. Like the one I did with this look, here. It's easier for you to shop when you know what you want, how you want it, and how much you're willing to pay to get it.

One thing that I liked about this piece is the design of the shirt. I like how it looks like a quilt with less ludicrous colors. My mum thought the shirt was okay but it's not something you'd want to look at but I dunno... I really like it. I guess that's just how people are, we have different opinions on what is good and what's not. I think I'll end my post here. Thanks guys for reading this post! xx

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