Sunday, January 06, 2013

[OOTD] Let My Love Adore You

What I wore: Tube Top (Bazaar), Cardigan (Terranova), Skirt (Thrift Shop), Shoes (Australian/Landmark), Watch (Casio), Accessories (Romwe)

Hello loves! I had a great day yesterday and I totally forgot to make a post/draft a post yesterday. So, I'm making this post now that's supposedly posted yesterday. I decided to make an outfit post since I miss doing these and I feel like you guys appreciate it when I make outfit posts. I want to share to you guys what I did yesterday but I feel selfish and want to keep it on my own.

Let's get on with the look. This look is much like my previous post, it's a stock outfit photo set that I haven't made into a blog post. One thing that I really like about this look is that it's very minimal. I just played with 2 tones, black and red, then I made use of a neutral colored flats. I think with styling for plus size women, you need to know your strength and weaknesses.

For myself, I am somewhat confident with my legs and my almost noticeable breasts. So, what I do is emphasize them and make them focal points of my look. I wore a skirt that showed just enough leg to make it feminine but not hoochy. Then, I chose to wear a tube top partnered with a cardigan so that there's some emphasis on my neckline but not too much that I'd look cheap.

Forgive my poor posture and unbelievably messy hair. I am what I am. If you guys have not noticed, my skirt is actually patterned with checkered red and white. It also has electric pleats that's the In thing right now or so my mother says. I love the movement I can have with this skirt. It's not restricting but it's not dangerous to your modesty. Another thing I really like about this skirt is that, I didn't pay a high price for it.

As you know, I like thrift shopping and this lovely piece is from a thrift shop along Espana Blvd cor. Blumentritt St. in  Manila. I bought it for around 70 pesos. Funny thing about this skirt, I was supposed to sell this but I saw it and decided I wanted it for myself. Truthfully speaking, my whole look is quite affordable (most of my looks are, actually). The most expensive piece of clothing in this look is my cardigan that I bought in Terranova, which was around 400+ pesos.

My shoes, on the right, and Anna's shoes, on the left. I love Anna. Seriously. She's the most adorable thing ever. I'm really happy I got to meet her and that I'm actually friends with her. She's my outfit post photographer, especially if it's in school. I think one thing that aspiring fashion bloggers should have is a good friend that takes photos of you. It's hard to take full shot photos of yourself, even if you have a high end camera, and it's really nice to have a friend take photos of your outfit for you.

I don't know if Anna's reading this right now, but if you are...
I love you, girl. To our new beginning! xx

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  1. love your skirt!



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