Sunday, January 13, 2013

Noel. Noel. Noel.

Hello lovies! How are you this fine day? If you've been a reader of this blog for quite a while now, you'd know that I'm a big fan of bazaars, thrift stores, and any place where I can get a good deal for the clothes I wear. If you're a student like me, who doesn't have a trust fund or a job that gives tons of money, then you're a prude like me. 

We hate spending money because we know it's hard to come by and we're thinking we might need the money on another time. But then, we get this moment where we suddenly splurge all our money. In my case, I do that during bazaar seasons or during food trips. Hahaha! As you know, December is usually a bazaar month and my mum and I decided to go to the annual Noel bazaar that was held in PICC. We also went there for the Kapuso Foundation's Celebrity ukay-ukay. I just wanted to share to you guys some of the things I saw...


What I like about bazaars is that I see different types of people that are interesting and somewhat positively mesmerizing to the eye. I guess bazaars are a fashionista's heaven, aside from glorious boutique sales of course. I love the lady on the photo below, she's wearing crafted custom shorts plus fishnets plus a mighty fine pair of boots. Totally loving her vibe.

Here are some of the stalls that have caught my attention.

My mum and I got hungry from our roaming around so we went to the food section of the bazaar and we happened to drop by this sausage booth called, Fantastic Sausages. Let me tell you guys now, they are stupendously delicious. We bought 2 packs of sausages and a pack of hamon de bola. I can't even, it was just that satisfying. I recommend their Italian and Kielbasa sausages among all of their sausages because I just love the spiciness of it. You don't need to worry though since they're letting you try what you buy first.

Some of the things that caught my eye in the bazaar.

I think I'll end my post here. If you guys are looking for places to visit to buy cute, fashion forward and adorable clothes, I really think bazaars are the shizniz. You can get tons of deals and if you're really thrifty, you can even ask for discounts. There are also a lot of stalls that have export overruns from top brands. You just have to know where to look.

Also, here's a little tip. Go to bazaars on their last day because most likely than not, the booths are going to mark their prices down or drop it up to 50% off. It's really worth the try. There are perks on going to first day of bazaars and there are perks on going to the last day. What are your battle tactics when you're going to bazaars? I'd love to know! Just comment down below. xx
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  1. love this! Same here, as for students like us bazaar is def a haven and can be a life saver! :D I also go on the last day that's for sure they'll drop the price to that range. :D



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