Tuesday, January 08, 2013

[Book Club] Fifty Shades Trilogy

Hello dearies! If you've read my previous posts, you'd know I've read Fifty Shades of Grey and unexpectedly liked it which made me continue reading all of the books within 3 days. Yes, I read fast and non-stop. I really didn't expect to like it since I've heard that it was like Twilight, although I've also read Twilight and all the books before. I decided to share to you the PDF files of the 3 books. Enjoy!

Truth is, I didn't expect the trilogy to have such an alluring hero that seems to also be an antagonist. Let me warn you though, it is not for those few that have sticks up their asses (figuratively speaking). Even if Mr. Grey would love a stick up someone's arse, we don't need uptight kids here. If you're into Fanfiction, especially the NC17 ones, you might like this trilogy. I'm not going to praise it too much since I did find some irritating things in the book, as well as some missing parts that I wished the author had included. All-in-all, it's a good book to read to pass time.

As I've said in this post, I only started reading the book because of peer pressure and the nagging thought of picturing Matt Bomer as Christian Grey. Let's just say, it was Matt Bomer. If you don't know who Matt Bomer is, he's the guy at the center of this photo montage. The other actors on the photo below are some of the fans' suggestions on who should play the very charismatic Christian Grey.

I am very excited for the movie and hopefully it won't disappoint me like Twilight. I know it will be hard to satisfy all of the fans' expectations especially if the fans want the kinky fuckery. We all know we can't show much of that in movies since it might not be shown in all cinemas, especially here in the frigid tropical country of the Philippines.

Did you know that the whole time I was reading the books, I had imagined Matt Bomer as Christian Grey and believe me... You'll enjoy the books if you use your imagination. Books and imagination always go hand in hand, dears. Always remember that.

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