Friday, January 18, 2013

Bedroom Dreams

Hey loves! As you guys know, I've been dreaming of having my room redecorated for a long time now. Finally, my mum had agreed that my bedroom did need a makeover. I've been searching the big interwebs for home ideas, especially bedroom ideas, that I want my room to be patterned after. Like the photo above. I'd really want a bedroom like that but with a different color scheme. I've been thinking of doing a minimalist themed room.

I'm thinking of white walls, black details, and red or maybe green pops of color for a little hint of personality. I'm also loving this one type of bed that I saw online. It's called the platform storage bed at and it is marvelous. I'm thinking of really doing that on my room since I'm a hoarder and I need a lot of storage space for my stuff.

I've also thought of having a very compact room like the photo below but I feel a bit claustrophobic. Being in a 3x3 sq. meter room can get really stuffy. Fortunately though, my room's on the second floor and I get to see some view of the outside world. My things are also really big right now that I find it hard to move around so my resolve was to make it a hanging bed or an elevated bed so that I can use the bottom part as my cabinet or I can put my study table under it.

I'd have more room to chill out and I'd also have more foot room and just a general place to bum around yet still be active. Besides, I really want a yoga mat or a foam mat in my room so that I can exercise every once in a while. Or maybe even put a shoe rack inside my room so that my shoes are more accessible to me than they are now. It's really hard to plan an outfit with just your imagination. Hahaha!

I'll end my post here. I'm rambling. xx

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