Saturday, December 21, 2013


That is a screenshot of an episode in Buffy the Vampire Slayer called, Angel. And that man right there is Angel, you guys might know him for the series Bones, Angel, and if you're like me in Buffy. I just wanted to share this to you guys because this scene really tugged my heart. This is the episode where Buffy found out that Angel, the mysterious fellow that warns her every time there's trouble ahead, is a vampire. As you know, Buffy likes Angel but then he's a vampire and she's a vampire slayer so it's best if they kept it platonic.

I love how Angel looked at Buffy. The torment and pain in his eyes, it was beautiful. Have you guys ever had that sinking feeling in your chest as if your heart was breaking, as if it was so heavy, and as if someone was crushing it all at the same time? I know I have. I get it every time I see someone that I love leave for the first time or they're going somewhere I can't go and for a long time. Actually, no. You get that feeling whenever you see someone you love leave. End of story. That's just it.

It happens to me a lot actually, since I'm a very emotionally in-tuned person. I love people easily. I care for others easily. I think I'm just a real softy. Being with someone, liking their company a lot, and suddenly having to part from them... It's hard. You just want them close to you but you can't do anything but go. You know you'll see them again but still, the feeling is there. I think that's what I'm feeling right now...

I hate the fact that I'm away from the people I love but you have to suck it up. I'll be spending time with my family and when the holiday season ends, I'll be back in Taft with my friends. I know. All this mushy stuff I'm posting is because of my sepanx (separation anxiety) with them. Hahahaha! Hope you guys have a great holiday season! xx

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Never Knew What's Missing

Hey you guys. I just wanted to share some thoughts on how a person never really knows what they're missing out on until they've finally tasted it. I have a lot of things on my bucket list that I've yet to cross out and although I want to do them, there's no sense of urgency to actually fulfilling it. Then there are some things  on my list that I can't do on my own.

I never really wanted things in my life that I believed I could never get. I think it's one of my mechanisms so I wouldn't get hurt. I know you guys most probably have the same mechanism or you get my reasoning. I just don't want to get disappointed by something that's too far to attain. Believe it or not, I've been through a lot even for my young age. I won't compare myself with others that have been through serious problems but I did have my fair share.

I just realized that it's so hard to imagine yourself to be in another place or in another situation where you are in now. How can you know that having a richer family would be better for you if you don't know how that feels like? Or maybe how this guy would be better for you than your boyfriend now. You just don't know what it would feel like. So...

I just realized that I should be happy for everything that I have right now and every thing that has happened to me. I shouldn't wish that I was someone else or be embarrassed of what I've gone through. It was all part of my bigger picture and my role as person living in this world.

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Healthy Start

Hello dears, I'm gonna end my hiatus with this short health post. I won't even try to explain(or maybe not just in this post) why I've been away for such a long time. Let's just say, I was living my life. Anyway, I just wanted to share to you guys my morning routine these past few days. If you're following me on Instagram (here), then you'd know that I've been trying to make better food choices and I've been trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

One of the things that I decided to try was Apple Cider Vinegar Water or as Bragg would call it, Bragg Vinegar Health Drink. I've been trying to drink this 3 times a day, everyday. In my opinion, it really does serve it's purpose and it does give me that energy boost to start my day. Plus, I feel quite rejuvenated. If you're wondering why I decided to try it, it was really plain and simple. I want to be healthy.

This was taken today, just before I started writing this blog.

I did a bit of research on Apple Cider Vinegar since we had a bottle at home that we weren't really using and I thought it was a waste. After my research, I found out that it was a total package. You could use it as a face toner, a health drink and an immune system booster. Which I think was really nice. If you're a bit skeptic, you can do your own research on the uses of Apple Cider Vinegar.

My breakfast, nowadays, consist of Bragg Vinegar Health Drink and a heavy fruit/vegetable combo. Like for today, my breakfast was 5pcs of Saba banana and the health drink. The other day, I boiled baby potatoes and mixed in a few herbs with it to taste plus the health drink. I think it's good for people trying to lose weight and to live a healthier lifestyle if they start making their own food. 

I've been trying, as much as I can, to make my own food so I can pack them and bring them to school. Mostly snacks though since I'm not much of a cook. I burn things. But for snacks, I can manage. I think it's important to have a healthy snack in your bag at all times, especially when you're with your friends hanging out and that urge to buy fries comes or there's food in front of you but you know it's not good for you. All you have to do to resist the urge is pull out your packed snack and viola! You just saved your body from greasy and unhealthy food.

(All photos are taken via Samsung Galaxy Note 1)
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Monday, September 23, 2013

I GoBigger and GoBetter with Globe

Hey guys! How are you? Classes are suspended today so I've been able to catch up on some of the things here in my blog. I've been lazy again and I've also been doing a bit of schoolwork so I haven't really posted much. My post today is actually about a promo for my mobile service provider, Globe. This is not a paid promotion. I repeat, not a paid promotion.

I have been a Globe user since... EVER. My family's very loyal to Globe since we trust the network and we're actually satisfied with their services unlike the other networks which at some times are not that reliable. So, I was really happy that Globe had made a promo that helps social media savvy people, like me, to save money and still be connected with everyone. Okay. You must be confused. Let me explain better...

Globe had done it again. They're now offering more services for you to connect with your friends, not only via text or call but with messaging apps like Viber and WeChat as well. And take note, Only Globe Prepaid gives you Bigger and Better unli offers. You can choose from these two options:

Go Bigger
  • This includes the GoCALL100 which gives you more call minutes, around 500 mins, versus Competitor offers, which gives you around 200 mins of calls. And there's no need to use prefixes to enjoy unlicalls.
  •  It also includes the GoUNLI30 (I actually personally use this promo) which gives you real unlimited service with unli allnetwork texts, unli calls to Gobe and TM subscribers, plus the real UNLI-chat experience with the best apps available. Seriously, it's the real deal compared to their competitor's UNLI offer.
 Go Better
  • This includes the GoUNLITXT49 which gives you the same UNLI texts to Glove and TM subscribers but at a BETTER price compared to their Competitor's offer.
  • It also includes the GoUNLI25 which gets you real unlimited service with unli Globe and TM calls and texts, plus unli Viber chat to the rest of your friends. If you're on a budget and doesn't really messaging apps aside from Viber, I recommend getting this promo. It's the real deal compared to competitor's UNLI offer.
If you were to ask me if I would GoBigger or GoBetter?

I would definitely go for the GoBigger promo since I'm big on the whole messaging apps thing that's happening right now. I like being in touch with my friends without putting holes in my pocket because, as you guys know, it was expensive to be online just to send messages to your friends via messaging apps. But now that Globe Prepaid just got better and bigger with more prepaid offers, it'll be easy to be connected.

Also, since I have friends in other countries who use messaging apps like Viber and WeChat, I get to stay in touch with them any time without even thinking whether or not I could afford sending them messages. And all of the was made possible because of Globe's new offers. I think this is one of the many reasons why even after all this time, I'm still a Globe user. They never cease to improve and make ways to connect people, not only here in the Philippines but around the world.

Anyway, I'll end my post here. If you guys are interested in knowing more about the offers, you can check it out by clicking on the images below which will redirect you to the respective pages in Globe's website. Renee, out!

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Thursday, September 05, 2013

[SP] Gaga Over Gowns

Hello dears! Finals is finally done and I am excited to have a very long weekend since if you know my school, we don't have a term break. We'll be back to school this coming September 9, so I'm gonna make the most out of this 4-day term break. Hahaha!

Mermaid Sheath/Column Halter Chapel Train Satin Tulle Wedding Dress With Lace

I've been stalking around the internet and I found a lot of couples getting married in the past months. It got me thinking on how I wanted my wedding to look like and came upon an online wedding gown store called DressFirst. I was totally enamored with their wedding gowns. So, I did a little window shopping in their website and I wanted to share to you guys what I've found. I hope I'll be able to help those bride-to-bes out there.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Escuela Taller Trip

Hello guys! I've been a bit late in publishing this post. I have been a bit busy with Finals week and I'm still getting my old blog regimen back so please, bear with me. Any who, I wanted to share to you guys one of our field trips for class. I know, a college student taking fields trips is funny right? But it was actually a great experience for me. It has inspired me, and I hope it will inspire you too.

My art class went to Escuela Taller in Intramuros, Manila. It's a place for art, art restoration and reproduction. I was really inspired with this place because of their theme. They were artists and craftsmen that did not care for the glory or limelight but more on the technique and application of art theories. If you're confused on what Escuela Taller is... it's a school for the arts but more for restorations and remaking of classical art.

This is the director of Escuela Taller and he was the one who toured us in the vicinity of the school. What I like about Escuela Taller is that it helps out-of-school youth by introducing them to the Arts in a practical way. It is as if the Arts has the possibility of changing their lives, and it does. The school equips them with knowledge and skill that would help them find jobs in the art community or in any kind of industry.

They study steel work, masonry, wood work, restoration, plumbing, and even electrical wiring and such. They learn such a broad and practical skills that can help them become part of the art industry by preserving and restoring it. It truly is amazing.

I'll show you guys some of the work they've done.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Escuela Taller Street Style

Hello dears, I just wanted to share to you guys about some of the interesting stuff that I saw during one of our field trips in school. I'm going to do the street style version first and make another post about the actual field trip as well. I think you guys will really enjoy my upcoming post since it's really educational and not to mention inspiring, especially for the young artists out there like me.

First one I'd really love to share is my friend Abbie's, owner of Ferreted, earrings. I really love the design and the pattern of her earrings. I don't know why I liked it but it just has that artsy feeling in it. Right?

I saw one of my classmate's shoes while I was trying to listen to the Director of Escuela Taller. I just absolutely loved his shoes. I don't even know the brand or the name of my classmate but his shoes were awesome.

This bag is also totally awesome. I have this feeling that it's a vintage bag since it does look a little worn out but still, I think it adds beauty and a little personality to the bag. I think leather bags get better in time, of course with proper handling and maintenance. Just love it.

I'll end this post with my friend's bag. I love his not-so-little trinkets. I also love that it's big enough to carry our school needs (i.e. laptop and sketchpad). I also love the color. I also want his bag so much that I want to ask if I can have it. lol Yes, I'm that much of a freeloader. Haha! I kid. Any who, that's that! :)

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stellar Perfomance

It Will Rain [Live Perfomance @ The X Factor USA]
by Bruno Mars

Hello loves! I just wanted to drop this here since I really think you'll appreciate Bruno Mars' performance in this show. I'll admit, I was utterly amazed and awed by his charisma. I'm not really a huge Bruno Mars fan but I do love his music, his story, and how he puts himself out there for the world to take in. I hope you'll enjoy this as much as I have. I'm pretty sure he can melt your heart out with this one. Cheers!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hello dears! Aha! You must be shocked that I'm posting again. I know, I've been under a rock recently and I'm terribly sorry. I've been "busy". Any way, I just wanted to ask you guys a huge favor. What do you think would be a good buy from the 2 products below? I am absolutely torn.

I am torn between these 2 lovely finds from Stylish Plus. I want to buy them both but we all know how students like me don't have the enough budget to splurge on stuff. So, boots or blazer?
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

[Foodie Log] Ramen X

Hello dears! I haven't been blogging much and my usual posts are more of the sale alerts and what-not but I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm very much alive and still kicking. As a way of saying sorry, I'd like to share to you guys this place that me and my parents went to last month. Yes, I know, long overdue but still... better late than never. ;)

Ramen X is a Japanese inspired restaurant that boasts of a wide array of ramen noodle dishes. Being a foodie, and a big Japanese food lover, I really wanted to try the restaurant out. I was lucky that my parents wanted to try the restaurant as well. Basta libre ng parents, okay. Hahaha!

I really like the interior design of the shop and the over-all look. It was really spacious and clean, very Japanese aesthetic. I liked their wall decorations and the amount of space the restaurant has for the cashier and the tables. I also liked how the tables were set, but I'm not sure if I'll have the same opinion once the place is full or if there are a lot of customers. Still, I liked it.

For those of you who are wondering, Ramen X is sort of like a fast food restaurant since you have to order at the cashier and their menu is on the wall but the taste of their food are not like most fast food restaurants or those ramen shops where you know that it's not that good. If I were to compare it to a restaurant, I think you can say it's like Karate Kid or Tokyo Tokyo but a little bit better.

Why you might ask?

Friday, June 21, 2013

[SALE ALERT] Skirts and Shirts

Only 3 days, 06/21/2013-06/23/2013.

Hey loves! As you can see from the photo above, I've got something for you loves. All you have to do is click on the photo above or this link [here] and you'd be re-directed to the website. If you guys don't know Romwe, you are in for a treat. I'm a constant customer of Romwe and every month I make sure that I buy at least once in their shop.

Some of my most popular looks are composed of some of their things. If you want to see these looks, all you have to do is click the not-so-daily looks link on my right-sidebar. Anyway, just wanted to give you guys a heads up. Cheers!

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sugarelli Cupcakes

This is actually a long over-due post and I admit it was a big neglect on my part. I was supposed to make this post months ago but I had pushed it back so many times that I forgot about it. I'm making it up to the owner of Sugarelli and a family friend of ours by actually making this post and even putting that very photo above in my sidebar. I would like to thank Sugarelli for giving me these cupcakes to try out. You guys have made my tummy and my sweet tooth very happy.

I've actually tasted all 4 of the cupcake flavors that they sent me and I'm going to tell you guys my favorite from all of them. My mom also picked her favorite flavor and I'll also show it to you guys later. Here are some of the product shots I did in our dining room.

The owners were nice enough to send me a dozen of cupcakes that they made personally. All cupcakes that are sold by Sugarelli are made and baked at home so you guys are sure that they are fresh and of top quality. I noticed that even the packaging of the cupcakes were great too. My mom was the one who got the cupcakes from the owners of Sugarelli and she commuted home. They still looked fine when I got home.
[L-R] Cookies & Cream, Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet

As promised, I'm going to tell you guys my favorite flavor from the 4 cupcakes that they sent me. I'm actually torn between Red Velvet and Chocolate. I'm a big fan of Red Velvet cupcakes ever since I've tasted them in one of La Salle's bazaars in the past few years. Ever since, I've had this obsession with Red Velvet cupcakes but their Chocolate cupcake was so delicious that I was torn.

I loved how the chocolate of the cupcake wasn't too sweet that you'd get sick of eating it after a while. It had a right mix of sweetness and bitterness that'll make you want for another one. I don't think if that's good or not, especially for someone that's trying to lose weight. Hahaha! But if I had to choose, I would definitely choose... The Red Velvet!

I just loved how rich the flavor of the Red Velvet cupcake had been even after we've put it in the refrigerator for a couple of days. It still maintained it's softness and the rich flavor of the cupcake that it made me want more cupcakes. I was actually sad that the cupcakes were all gone after a week.

My mom on the other hand had a different opinion as to what she liked most from the 4 flavors Sugarelli gave us. If I have a bias for Red Velvet cupcakes, my mom has a bias for Cookies & Cream cupcakes. She just loves Cookies & Cream. It's also her favorite flavor in ice creams. It was not a shock when she said to me that her favorite flavor was their Cookies & Cream flavor.

I would not be shocked though since their Cookies & Cream was also good. It wasn't dry like some cupcakes and it even had half an Oreo cookie on top, if my memory serves me right. I also like the fact that their icing's not the soft type. You can actually enjoy eating the icing since it doesn't get squashed up in the box. It's the proper type of icing.

If you want to get in touch with Sugarelli, you can follow them on Twitter. You may also contact them via their cellphone number for faster transactions and orders. Anyway, I'll end this here! xx

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What Can You Buy With 300 Pesos in Vito Cruz?

A commercial here in the Philippines would always ask, "Hanggang saan ba aabot ang 20 pesos mo?" or in English, "Where can you go with 20 pesos?" and if you're not familiar with Philippine currency, 20 pesos is equivalent to .50 USD (more or less). You can actually buy a few things with 20 pesos but that's not really the point of this post. Hahaha!

I thought I could share to you, my readers (especially those who are studying in DLSU/CSB), how I survive with a daily allowance of 300 pesos in a very pricey neighborhood like Vito Cruz. I'll be showing after the jump 3 ways to maximize your money and how I usually spend my 300 pesos. You'd be surprised with the amount of money I spend on food. No. Scrap that. I use most of my money on food. But if you're not as much of a glutton as me, you'll probably save a lot of money. Hahaha!

Hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed making this. xx

Friday, April 05, 2013

Online Window Shopping

I've been away for a long time and I know you guys must have forgotten that this little blog is even out here in the interwebs but here I am again. I'm not going to promise that I'll be more active but I will try to blog more often now since summer's around the corner and hopefully I'll have more free time. I just wanted to show you guys some of the things I saw online that I'm currently eyeing. As if I could actually buy those things but still, a girl can dream.

More outfit sets after the jump. :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Good Tunes for the Incoming Summer

Hey loves, I just wanted to share to you guys this awesome mix that I found in 8tracks.
I am absolutely in love with this website and the app. I hope you're having a great
and productive day. I sure know I am. I've been feeling great these couple of days and
I can see this going for a very long time. Stay positive loves! xx
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Enviropop: The Marine Life Rescue Campaign

The life down under is very precious for it also contributes to the ecosystem. However, the creatures that live underwater are receiving severe harm from people. Many of our aquatic friends are suffering because of other people’s constant abuse to the environment thus needs immediate action.

Seeing them suffer is definitely a heart-breaking scenario. We can clearly see how shattered they are today even though we can’t hear their plea. The damage has been done and it happens continuously. So how can our helpless sea creatures protect themselves from the unfortunate state they are currently facing? 

Applabs Digital Studios Inc. (ADSI) partnered with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) to start a marine life rescue campaign by developing a game application that will teach people about the existing condition of our seas giving users the chance to experience a fun submerged adventure.  

Through Enviropop, people of different age group will be able to distinguish the numerous hazards that are damaging the sea bed such as Trawl Net, Cyanide, Pet Bottles, Oil, and Dynamite. It aims to spread awareness and encourage people to take a stand in saving our environment especially the sea through the use of technology.

The latest puzzle application for iOS comes in Lite and Full Version that let users rescue our adorable sea buddies from looming danger by swiping all the toxics they will see in the game. Apart from that, this is one of the effective mediums to educate people because of its informative content.   

Threat is not for human alone but for sea creatures too. People can look for several ways to contribute in saving our planet. One little act of kindness can create huge change in the lives of our aquatic pals. Save Bobby the Butanding, Gary the Grouper, Pattie the Pawikan, Clara the Clownfish, Doogie the Dugong, Dolly the Dolphin, Chi-chi the Panda, and the rest of the crew by downloading Enviropop today.        

(Article Made by Rhea Del Coro)
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