Friday, November 09, 2012

Accentuating Your Curves

Hey loves, let me just talk about something really important for me as a curvy lady. I'm sure most women who are curvy have a problem when it comes to finding the perfect shapewear. I really find it troubling that most brands do not offer sizes that are compatible to a plus size woman. I've read a lot of tips to buy shapewear online and I want to try it out here in the Philippines but I can't. There aren't many brands to choose from and most of them are really expensive.

I actually research a lot about shapewear since I know that it helps women feel great about themselves without altering their looks through surgical means. I've never really given a thought on surgical procedures to make me look thinner but I'm really eyeing some items online that could make me look good without the pain. I saw a compression garment from Annette that would definitely make me really confident with myself since I won't have to worry about those muffin tops, if you know what I mean?

I really think shapewears are honest to goodness glories from God. They're like the perfect underwear for those parties that you just want to impress everyone or maybe during a reunion where you want to knock out those bullies or an ex-boyfriend that has tormented you. I dunno. What are your thoughts on shapewear?
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  1. Assets by Spanx is a good brand, my mum recently bought control top shorts to go with her skintight dresses... more to control panty lines than anything, though!


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