Sunday, October 07, 2012

Nail Me: Violet Palette

Hey loves! I think I'm getting addicted with nail art, nail polishes and all that R&R things I used to hate. If you've seen my previous post, here, you'd see the nail art done to me in a local nail salon in Taft called Glam Nails & Skin Spa. I liked their service and ambiance there a lot that I decided to go back. I had a manicure-pedicure session.

Forgive my huge legs. Ate Thelma working on my feet's nails.
I'd like to take this opportunity now to tell you guys that I am a blogger for Glam Nails & Skin Spa but I do pay for my services and my posts, in regards to nail art and my nail posts, are not biased. I am very thankful to the owners of Glam Nails & Skin Spa for accepting my proposal to be their blogger but I'm promising to you guys, my readers, that I'll be impartial and true to you. No bullshit. No lies. That's how much I love you guys. xx

ANYWAY, back to the nail art post! This was the design I thought of asking the manicurists there to do on my nails. I wanted something edgy and graphic but the end result was quite different from the design. I'm not complaining though since I know nail art is pretty hard to do. Also, I love the look of the end product. If you want to see it, you have to finish this post! Hahaha!

The base color I wanted for the nail art. What a lovely shade of violet, right? I think it's lavender or something. I love how it looks like Ube ice cream, I just want to eat my nails every time a stare at it. Hahaha! The nail polish is from a local brand called Chic nail polish. If you can remember, I also made a blog post on one of Chic's nail polish called Tangerine. You can see that post, here.

I remember one of the customers there liked the nail polish so much that she asked her manicurist to put the same nail polish on her. Hahaha! I really do like this nail polish and a lot of my friends think it's gorgeous too. What's your rate on my base color? Yay or Nay?

I just realized it after my manicure that the colors I picked out were of the same color palette as Glam's and it was a nice surprise. So far, I've been getting positive responses from my friends. They really like the design on my nails. Although it's far from the design that I wanted since the manicurists in Glam-Taft are not used to nail art designs, I'm still satisfied with the final outcome. I do hope in the near future though they'll have a nail art manicurist in Glam-Taft. I know for a fact that their other branches have nail art manicurists, maybe it's because Glam-Taft had just opened a few months ago.

Also, I really have to recommend the manicurist that cleaned my nails, Ate Thelma. If you have a trauma from those heavy handed manicurists or those manicurists who harass your hands and feet, I assure you that Ate Thelma will never do that to you. I swear to you guys that she has the most lightest hands. I didn't even feel any pressure on my hands or feet. She cleaned my monstrous feet like it was nothing!

I actually asked her why her hands are so light and she said it was due to the fact that she's been a manicurist since she was 17 years old! Crazy, right? So, if you want a light handed manicurist, go find Ate Thelma when you visit Glam Nails & Skin Spa in Taft. It's along Castro Street, beside One Archer's and Ate Debbie's. You can easily see it, for sure.

All photos were taken with my Blackberry 9800
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