Friday, October 05, 2012

Inspiration Trunk: Art Student

Hey loves! If you've been following my blog for quite some time, you might know that I'm no longer an International Studies student and I have become an Art student in another school. You might or might not know how that happened but it just did. I don't regret anything and I'm very happy with how my life's fairing.

Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic
One of my art foundation class, FSTUDI1, has a requirement that we need to post artworks that inspire us and make small reaction paragraphs under it. We were supposed to send it to him via Dropbox but since he still hasn't sent his link, I'll post my inspirations here. I hope you guys will enjoy this and do drop some comments down below on your thoughts on my inspirations.

There are many hidden talents all over the world that you will be shocked on how your neighbor might actually be one of them. If you've heard the news, be it local or international, you might know that the Philippine government had approved a law that limits the freedom of the internet and many Netizens have taken action to show their revolt to this act. I guess it's the new form of rebellion against the government.

Manipulation N. 46 by Shi Lifeng
Art is actually a great medium for rebelling against the injustice of authorities and I found one man in China that used his art as a form of rebellion against the system. He's Shi Lifeng and he uses his art to go against the oppressive government in China. He uses the concept of individualism in a Communist regime through his artwork. It's simply wonderful. And to back that statement up, Guns N' Roses even used one of his paintings as the cover for their album "Democracy in China".

Angelica Alzona
I think one misconception about Art for some people is that it's only for the elite or those who have the money to buy stunning art pieces but I'm telling you now, that is totally wrong. Some artists sell very affordable art and use it as a form of promotion for their style to a certain market. Or some even giveaway their art to charities to help them inspire other people or teenagers to make better choices in life.

Art can be used in so many different ways that it is almost impossible for any one to not love art. One might not love it to the same extent as an Art student but it is impossible, in my opinion, to hate the world of art. It's just not possible for me. I don't think I could live without Art, Music and Words. Those three consume my daily life and I am a humble, obedient and ever fervent servant of art, music and words. I'll show you to you guys other photos of my inspirations for the week after the read more.

Dance of the Ringwaltz by Aseo
Vector Art is something that I really want to learn in the near future and I'm pretty sure my course will tackle this form of digital art. Hopefully, by that time I'll be able to draw confidently and without doubt on my drawing style. Soon, oh so very soon.

Circular Motions by Anai Greog
Marco Mazzoni Moleskin Sketches
Heartless LR 2 by Janemini
I think I'll end my post here. These works really inspired me to practice and become a better artist, actually to even become a decent artist since I suck at drawing right now. I'm not someone that's born talented in drawing or anything in that matter but I will work hard for my passion. I don't think I'll ever grow weary of something as beautiful and as exciting, even if it's a hard road, as the world of artistry. Ciao for now bellas! xx
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