Monday, October 08, 2012

Foodie Log: Mezza Norte

Hey loves! Guess where we're going? Actually, this is a back post but, do guess loves, where are we going that rainy night? If you're from the Quezon City area, you'd probably know where we'll be going from the post's title. Yep, we're going to Mezza Norte. It's a food haven for those vampires and night walkers. I'm really happy that I'll be able to eat at Mezza Norte, finally, since I've been asking my parents to go to Mezza Norte since it opened.

I actually didn't go with my parents since they went to Hong Kong but I did come with my aunt and cousins. They're usually the ones that are easy to drag to places like Mezza Norte. Here's a little look of the place, I have to say sorry for the hazy and blurry photos. I think it's 'cos of the weather that the lens moistened up. I also didn't edit these photos. Still, hope you'll like it! :)

The place is quite spacious and the organizers do have a lot of stocked tables and chairs but I have to warn you guys, if you're going to Mezza Norte on a regular and non-rainy day, you might find it hard to get a parking space. We were just lucky that it was raining the day we went to Mezza Norte or else, we would've gone home without eating due to the lack of parking space. I'm not saying their parking space is small, because it's not, it's just not enough to the amount of people going to Mezza Norte.

I am addicted to coconut shake and I couldn't help myself when I saw that there was a coconut shake stall in Mezza Norte. I think I ate a shitload of stuff in Mezza Norte like Korean Spicy Rice Cakes, Pepper Corn Cob, Red Velvet Cakes (yes, cakes meaning I ate not just one cake. hahaha!) I can't even walk properly after because of my full stomach. I'm telling you guys, be prepared for a foodgasm.

That was my cousin and fellow foodie, Junice. It might not seem like it but she likes food, a lot. I just don't know how she does it that she doesn't get fat. Hahahaha! Life is unfair like that. She stays fit and skinny while I bloat up like hell but, I'm not complaining about my curves. Food is too damn good to not indulge and satisfy myself.

Below is my aunt, as you can see we're the same built. Hahahaha! She's a foodie as well and she loves eating to well-known but affordable places. She even introduced me to a great Tapsi place in U.P. Diliman. Plus, she's also our driver. She doesn't mind driving us to places as long as she's not pissed off with us or if we're good to her. Hahaha!

We had to have a take home bag for my grandmum and grandad. We also took home around 3 types of Red Velvet cake plus tons of other cakes since they were Buy 1 Take 1 for only 100 pesos. It was a good deal since the cakes were divine. I don't have a photo here but I really suggest that you guys should at least taste the Egg Leche Flan, Tacklings (Mini Tacos), and the Hepa-foods (Isaw, Tenga, Betmax etc.)

If I had the time, I'd definitely go back to Mezza orte. For those vampires and night walkers that are in the QC area or like long drives from the South to the North, then I really suggest chilling out and having a food trip in Mezza Norte. Maybe you can even go bar hopping in Tomas Morato after the Mezza Norte food trip.

If you were wondering, yes. My previous outfit post was from this day.
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