Friday, October 05, 2012

[BP] Grey Details

Hey loves! I'm back with an outfit post, as promised. I have to ask for forgiveness as early as now. My photos are either blurry, out of focus or has the wrong exposure. We were in a night market/hawker food station when these photos were taken. Hopefully, you can still see my outfit clearly. You can still see my outfit though so, I'll stop blabbering and get on to the post. Heehee!

Top/Thrifted. Leggings/Terranova. Shoes/S&H. Accessories/ Romwe. Bag/Martino.
I actually thought about not wearing the leggings to the night market but I knew better. I'm not the girly girl than can actually carry a dress or a skirt elegantly so, I need leggings to hide the unthinkable. Hahahaha! If you can see my shoes, you'd know I've used it on many looks and it's truly one of my favorite shoes.

Rings + Ear Cuff + Necklaces/Romwe. Bracelets/Bazaars + Greenhills.
I think details, meaning your accessories and those little quirks that your outfit has, makes the overall look of an outfit works so I made it a point to wear lots of accessories that's appropriate with the venue, weather and my mood for the day. I really have to thank my blog's supporters for giving me the opportunity to buy clothes online. I think I'm in love with Romwe since it's easy to use, trendy, and friendly. I'm in love with most of the things they're selling.

I think I look drunk on the third photo but I swear to you guys that I wasn't. I was just too happy that time. I'll be posting about the night market next time. I'm thinking of making a make-up tutorial but I'm still not sure. Do you like my make-up on this post? If you do, let me know so that I can gauge if I should make a make-up tutorial or not. I'll end this here since I really don't have much decent photos to show you guys. Ciao for now bellas! xx
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