Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Body Care Tips For Women

When it comes to caring for our skin, many women tend to focus solely on their face and neglect the skin on their body entirely. From our toes to our torsos, legs to our lips, all our skin deserves attention and some tender loving care; after all, it’s the only skin we’ve got.

To help achieve a radiant and beautiful body there are some certain must do’s (as well as some forbiddens!) it would be a good idea to keep in mind. There are certain ‘must have’ body care items that every woman needs for a beautiful body that is brimming with health and vitality. These body care ‘tools’ are:

·         Cotton pads – essential for removing makeup, applying toners, removing nail polish and generally cleansing the skin.
·         A magnified mirror - great to have in a bedroom or bathroom as they will help you to locate any pesky spots or facial hair that may not be visible with a conventional mirror.
·         A flannel - cleansers, such as Johnson’s Beauty cleansers for both the face and the body, go on a lot smoother and easier with a flannel. For a great beauty and body care regime, using a flannel gives your skin a gentle exfoliation each day. This will help cleanse your pores more deeply, making your skin less prone to blotches, spots and even fine line and wrinkles.
·         Tweezers - another ‘must have’ item in a woman’s body care toolbox. Investing in a quality pair of tweezers will help you to pull those pesky hairs out first time, meaning any unwanted hair on the face and body is removed more quickly and efficiently.
·         A good exfoliator – Exfoliating the whole body is one of the only ways to ensure the skin is left as soft as a baby’s and is an essential part of beauty and body care. When we exfoliate the skin, we remove the dead layer of skin cells and, by doing so, prepare our body for moisturiser. For optimum results, exfoliate the skin when it is wet and work from the top of your body downwards, starting with the shoulders.  It is important to note that you should never use an exfoliating lotion for the body on the face as body exfoliating creams could be too harsh for the more delicate skin on the face. For a face, a facial exfoliating cream should be used. Pay particular attention to the knees, elbow and heels, as these areas have thicker skin and are more susceptible to becoming rough and dry.

Keep these essential items close at hand and
you’ll be well on your way to all round radiance and well being!

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