Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Hey loves! I was in the mood today to make an outfit post even though it was a bit gloomy outside. I was supposed to go to school today but I couldn't since I couldn't get a public transportation going to school. Good thing I only have one class and it's my first time to be absent in that class. My motif for today is, of course, comfort. As you all know, I'm a lazy big boned girl. I'm all for comfortable style.

Top/Collezione. Pants/Bench. Shoes/S&H. Watch/Casio.
I'm sporting a top knot bun for this outfit just because I want to feature my face and look clean. I know it's not a wow outfit but it does serve its purpose. I can walk around the campus and not hurt my feet. I can raise my hand and move freely, not really caring if I expose some skin or not. It's just perfect for those days that you only have one class and you're lazy but still want to look decent.

I am in love with these shoes. It's fashionable, comfortable, chic and easy to pair up with anything. I definitely recommend buying brogues to you loves. It's a must for us lazy fashionistas. I also think it's much more suited to school girls and the corporate world. Around mid-October, there will be another bazaar and I'm hoping I'll be able to get good outfit essentials there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Ring/Romwe. Watch/Casio.
I also mellowed down my accessories to a ring and a watch just to emphasize on the cleanliness of the look. I'm very fond of my new watch that my mother bought me from Hong Kong. Thank you, Mum, for buying my watch. I know I've pestered you for a new watch for almost 2 months. Heehee.

Eye & Palm Earring/Romwe. Brife Open Ring/Romwe. Nails/Glam Nails & Skin Salon.
If you haven't seen my earring before, it's a palm with an eye on the middle. As you guys might know, I'm a follower of the Buddhist philosophy and I am in love with all types of accessories related to Buddhism. Ironically, my nail art is of a red cross. I don't really know what's going on my mind but I just wanted to have a red cross on my middle finger. Hahaha! You can see my post about my nails, here

I think I'll end my post here. Thanks loves for reading this post! If you've got any comments or want me to check out your blogs, do leave your links below! Also, I'm thinking of getting a new set of ear piercings again later. Hopefully, everything goes according to plan. Ciao for now bellas! xx
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