Friday, October 26, 2012

A Game of Thrones

Hey loves, if you've been a follower of this blog for a long time now you probably know that I'm a fan of all things geeky and well, I won't expound on this. I have been watching this awesome series from HBO called Game of Thrones. I'm pretty sure you guys know it because it has become very popular since its debut. I'm not sure if some of you know this but that TV series was based on George R.R. Martin's book series A Song of Ice and Fire.

I wanted to share to you guys the first book of this book series. I am telling you now, you'll love it. It's witty, anarchic, heroic and lustful. I just love the series and love the books so I'm sharing it with you guys. The link below will redirect you to mediafire where you can download the ebook. You can have it in 3 formats: epub, mobi, and pdf. Hope you'll love it as much as I do. If you're done reading, I want to know what you thought about the book! xx

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Christmas Wishlist 2012

I believe I'm a bit late with posting my Christmas Wishlist but I do know it's still possible for my aunts, godmothers and my parents to at least buy me one of the things in my wishlist. I'm not really expecting much but I can still dream, right? There's no harm in that. So, what's in my wishlist this year...
1. Planner - I've made the liberty of picking out designs that I wanted and I made sure they're all below 1000 pesos. Hahaha! Here are the links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and here are my fave Paris inspired planners: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2. Sketchpad/Sketchbook - I actually really want a sketchbook or somewhere I can draw and make random sketches outside to practice my drawing skills but I know those things are expensive so I searched for some sketchpads and sketchbooks online and found this cute thing, here. Also, I'd really love the sketchbook from Artwork. It costs around 200 pesos. That would definitely work too. 

3. Game of Thrones Book Set - Please. Let me indulge in this. I beg of you. I really want a book set but I know it's hella expensive but I swear, it's totally worth it. I know this book series is awesome. (sige, umasa ka lang)

4. Canon 60D - I have a legitimate reason for wanting this camera. I actually need it for school so, I'm really hoping someone will sponsor this or maybe even donate on my camera fund so that me and my mum wouldn't have such a hard time saving up.

5. Clothes + Bags + Shoes + Beauty Products - I wanted it to be easy for those who are thinking of buying me clothes. Here are the things that I want or the styles that I want. The prices of the clothes below are pricey but that's not my focus. I just want you guys to see what kind of styles I want. Heehee.
Lace Goodness
Cozy Toppers
Paris with Love

Of course, I also would want to receive some monetary loving this Christmas time but if someone would buy me the awesome stuff above, I would be very thankful. If you'll allow me, can I just add one more thing on my list? I'd really love it if someone gave me a Polaroid camera this coming Christmas. I've been eyeing those babies for a long time but I still can't afford them. Hopefully, a kind soul would give me a Polaroid camera this Christmas. (asa ka pa, sige)

I think I'll end my post here. What about you guys, what are some of the things you're wishing for this coming Christmas season? I'd love to know your wishlist, you might never know I could give one away... someday. Hahaha! Kiddin'. But seriously, what are you wishing for? World peace?
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nail Me: Spotless

Hey loves! I haven't been in this part of the woods for quite some time. Did you guys miss me? I sure hope so. I'm here to make a Nail Me post again. I went back to Glam-Taft and had a Mani-Pedi-Foot Reflex Combo. I indulged a bit since it was really cheap. Would you guys believe me if I told you I only spent 300 pesos for my Mani-Pedi and Foot Reflex? Crazy, right?

If you have a 3-4 hours break, I really suggest trying out their packages for the month of October. I took the liberty of taking a photo of their packages so you guys can choose before you visit Glam-Taft. Also, I want to give a shout out to my lovely readers that went to Glam and told the owner that I recommended them via my blog. I love you guys. Seriously. I didn't even know people were actually reading my blog. So, holla!

If you're wondering why I paid 300 pesos instead of 270 pesos, you'll know that after you've seen the entirety of this post. If only I was wearing something more Body Massage appropriate, I would've gotten that package. Anywho, on with my nail post yeah?

Body Care Tips For Women

When it comes to caring for our skin, many women tend to focus solely on their face and neglect the skin on their body entirely. From our toes to our torsos, legs to our lips, all our skin deserves attention and some tender loving care; after all, it’s the only skin we’ve got.

To help achieve a radiant and beautiful body there are some certain must do’s (as well as some forbiddens!) it would be a good idea to keep in mind. There are certain ‘must have’ body care items that every woman needs for a beautiful body that is brimming with health and vitality. These body care ‘tools’ are:

·         Cotton pads – essential for removing makeup, applying toners, removing nail polish and generally cleansing the skin.
·         A magnified mirror - great to have in a bedroom or bathroom as they will help you to locate any pesky spots or facial hair that may not be visible with a conventional mirror.
·         A flannel - cleansers, such as Johnson’s Beauty cleansers for both the face and the body, go on a lot smoother and easier with a flannel. For a great beauty and body care regime, using a flannel gives your skin a gentle exfoliation each day. This will help cleanse your pores more deeply, making your skin less prone to blotches, spots and even fine line and wrinkles.
·         Tweezers - another ‘must have’ item in a woman’s body care toolbox. Investing in a quality pair of tweezers will help you to pull those pesky hairs out first time, meaning any unwanted hair on the face and body is removed more quickly and efficiently.
·         A good exfoliator – Exfoliating the whole body is one of the only ways to ensure the skin is left as soft as a baby’s and is an essential part of beauty and body care. When we exfoliate the skin, we remove the dead layer of skin cells and, by doing so, prepare our body for moisturiser. For optimum results, exfoliate the skin when it is wet and work from the top of your body downwards, starting with the shoulders.  It is important to note that you should never use an exfoliating lotion for the body on the face as body exfoliating creams could be too harsh for the more delicate skin on the face. For a face, a facial exfoliating cream should be used. Pay particular attention to the knees, elbow and heels, as these areas have thicker skin and are more susceptible to becoming rough and dry.

Keep these essential items close at hand and
you’ll be well on your way to all round radiance and well being!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Before The Plane Goes

Hello loves! This'll be a quick blog since it's getting pretty late and I have an 8am class tomorrow. First, I just want to say sorry for not blogging enough this month. I'm becoming more of an observer online than an active user of the interwebs. I kind of miss writing about my life and sharing it with you guys. Second, I am actually busy living my life that I rarely go online, in a leisurely manner. I only go online for mindless Facebook scrolling and for checking my e-mails. I've got tons of things in line for you guys, I mean I have a lot of kwento. Hahaha! Lastly, I miss you guys. Love you! :*

Anyway, on with this post. I just wanted to share to you guys some of the photos we took while I had a merienda date with my parents before my stepdad left the country. We decided to eat in Shakey's because they're he best and we love their food.

Yes, they're my parents. I love them to bits, even if they make me crazy sometimes. My stepdad loves being a goofball during photo opps, which explains the photo above. You wouldn't believe that my parents are above 45 years old right? They look soooo young!

Guess what, the 3 of us ate a spaghetti platter, family size tuna salad, solo chick and chips, plus an order of their delectable mojos supreme. Yes. We are a family that loves eating. I don't think I could ever say NO to Shakey's, ever. Their food is just too good to even consider not eating it. I just love them too damn much!

All photos were taken from a Samsung Note

Of course, I need to show you guys a SelCa. Hahaha!
Sadly, I didn't get to take any photos of my outfit for today. :(
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Monday, October 08, 2012

Foodie Log: Mezza Norte

Hey loves! Guess where we're going? Actually, this is a back post but, do guess loves, where are we going that rainy night? If you're from the Quezon City area, you'd probably know where we'll be going from the post's title. Yep, we're going to Mezza Norte. It's a food haven for those vampires and night walkers. I'm really happy that I'll be able to eat at Mezza Norte, finally, since I've been asking my parents to go to Mezza Norte since it opened.

I actually didn't go with my parents since they went to Hong Kong but I did come with my aunt and cousins. They're usually the ones that are easy to drag to places like Mezza Norte. Here's a little look of the place, I have to say sorry for the hazy and blurry photos. I think it's 'cos of the weather that the lens moistened up. I also didn't edit these photos. Still, hope you'll like it! :)

The place is quite spacious and the organizers do have a lot of stocked tables and chairs but I have to warn you guys, if you're going to Mezza Norte on a regular and non-rainy day, you might find it hard to get a parking space. We were just lucky that it was raining the day we went to Mezza Norte or else, we would've gone home without eating due to the lack of parking space. I'm not saying their parking space is small, because it's not, it's just not enough to the amount of people going to Mezza Norte.

I am addicted to coconut shake and I couldn't help myself when I saw that there was a coconut shake stall in Mezza Norte. I think I ate a shitload of stuff in Mezza Norte like Korean Spicy Rice Cakes, Pepper Corn Cob, Red Velvet Cakes (yes, cakes meaning I ate not just one cake. hahaha!) I can't even walk properly after because of my full stomach. I'm telling you guys, be prepared for a foodgasm.

That was my cousin and fellow foodie, Junice. It might not seem like it but she likes food, a lot. I just don't know how she does it that she doesn't get fat. Hahahaha! Life is unfair like that. She stays fit and skinny while I bloat up like hell but, I'm not complaining about my curves. Food is too damn good to not indulge and satisfy myself.

Below is my aunt, as you can see we're the same built. Hahahaha! She's a foodie as well and she loves eating to well-known but affordable places. She even introduced me to a great Tapsi place in U.P. Diliman. Plus, she's also our driver. She doesn't mind driving us to places as long as she's not pissed off with us or if we're good to her. Hahaha!

We had to have a take home bag for my grandmum and grandad. We also took home around 3 types of Red Velvet cake plus tons of other cakes since they were Buy 1 Take 1 for only 100 pesos. It was a good deal since the cakes were divine. I don't have a photo here but I really suggest that you guys should at least taste the Egg Leche Flan, Tacklings (Mini Tacos), and the Hepa-foods (Isaw, Tenga, Betmax etc.)

If I had the time, I'd definitely go back to Mezza orte. For those vampires and night walkers that are in the QC area or like long drives from the South to the North, then I really suggest chilling out and having a food trip in Mezza Norte. Maybe you can even go bar hopping in Tomas Morato after the Mezza Norte food trip.

If you were wondering, yes. My previous outfit post was from this day.
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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Nail Me: Violet Palette

Hey loves! I think I'm getting addicted with nail art, nail polishes and all that R&R things I used to hate. If you've seen my previous post, here, you'd see the nail art done to me in a local nail salon in Taft called Glam Nails & Skin Spa. I liked their service and ambiance there a lot that I decided to go back. I had a manicure-pedicure session.

Forgive my huge legs. Ate Thelma working on my feet's nails.
I'd like to take this opportunity now to tell you guys that I am a blogger for Glam Nails & Skin Spa but I do pay for my services and my posts, in regards to nail art and my nail posts, are not biased. I am very thankful to the owners of Glam Nails & Skin Spa for accepting my proposal to be their blogger but I'm promising to you guys, my readers, that I'll be impartial and true to you. No bullshit. No lies. That's how much I love you guys. xx

ANYWAY, back to the nail art post! This was the design I thought of asking the manicurists there to do on my nails. I wanted something edgy and graphic but the end result was quite different from the design. I'm not complaining though since I know nail art is pretty hard to do. Also, I love the look of the end product. If you want to see it, you have to finish this post! Hahaha!

The base color I wanted for the nail art. What a lovely shade of violet, right? I think it's lavender or something. I love how it looks like Ube ice cream, I just want to eat my nails every time a stare at it. Hahaha! The nail polish is from a local brand called Chic nail polish. If you can remember, I also made a blog post on one of Chic's nail polish called Tangerine. You can see that post, here.

I remember one of the customers there liked the nail polish so much that she asked her manicurist to put the same nail polish on her. Hahaha! I really do like this nail polish and a lot of my friends think it's gorgeous too. What's your rate on my base color? Yay or Nay?

I just realized it after my manicure that the colors I picked out were of the same color palette as Glam's and it was a nice surprise. So far, I've been getting positive responses from my friends. They really like the design on my nails. Although it's far from the design that I wanted since the manicurists in Glam-Taft are not used to nail art designs, I'm still satisfied with the final outcome. I do hope in the near future though they'll have a nail art manicurist in Glam-Taft. I know for a fact that their other branches have nail art manicurists, maybe it's because Glam-Taft had just opened a few months ago.

Also, I really have to recommend the manicurist that cleaned my nails, Ate Thelma. If you have a trauma from those heavy handed manicurists or those manicurists who harass your hands and feet, I assure you that Ate Thelma will never do that to you. I swear to you guys that she has the most lightest hands. I didn't even feel any pressure on my hands or feet. She cleaned my monstrous feet like it was nothing!

I actually asked her why her hands are so light and she said it was due to the fact that she's been a manicurist since she was 17 years old! Crazy, right? So, if you want a light handed manicurist, go find Ate Thelma when you visit Glam Nails & Skin Spa in Taft. It's along Castro Street, beside One Archer's and Ate Debbie's. You can easily see it, for sure.

All photos were taken with my Blackberry 9800
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Friday, October 05, 2012

[BP] Grey Details

Hey loves! I'm back with an outfit post, as promised. I have to ask for forgiveness as early as now. My photos are either blurry, out of focus or has the wrong exposure. We were in a night market/hawker food station when these photos were taken. Hopefully, you can still see my outfit clearly. You can still see my outfit though so, I'll stop blabbering and get on to the post. Heehee!

Top/Thrifted. Leggings/Terranova. Shoes/S&H. Accessories/ Romwe. Bag/Martino.
I actually thought about not wearing the leggings to the night market but I knew better. I'm not the girly girl than can actually carry a dress or a skirt elegantly so, I need leggings to hide the unthinkable. Hahahaha! If you can see my shoes, you'd know I've used it on many looks and it's truly one of my favorite shoes.

Rings + Ear Cuff + Necklaces/Romwe. Bracelets/Bazaars + Greenhills.
I think details, meaning your accessories and those little quirks that your outfit has, makes the overall look of an outfit works so I made it a point to wear lots of accessories that's appropriate with the venue, weather and my mood for the day. I really have to thank my blog's supporters for giving me the opportunity to buy clothes online. I think I'm in love with Romwe since it's easy to use, trendy, and friendly. I'm in love with most of the things they're selling.

I think I look drunk on the third photo but I swear to you guys that I wasn't. I was just too happy that time. I'll be posting about the night market next time. I'm thinking of making a make-up tutorial but I'm still not sure. Do you like my make-up on this post? If you do, let me know so that I can gauge if I should make a make-up tutorial or not. I'll end this here since I really don't have much decent photos to show you guys. Ciao for now bellas! xx
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Inspiration Trunk: Art Student

Hey loves! If you've been following my blog for quite some time, you might know that I'm no longer an International Studies student and I have become an Art student in another school. You might or might not know how that happened but it just did. I don't regret anything and I'm very happy with how my life's fairing.

Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic
One of my art foundation class, FSTUDI1, has a requirement that we need to post artworks that inspire us and make small reaction paragraphs under it. We were supposed to send it to him via Dropbox but since he still hasn't sent his link, I'll post my inspirations here. I hope you guys will enjoy this and do drop some comments down below on your thoughts on my inspirations.

There are many hidden talents all over the world that you will be shocked on how your neighbor might actually be one of them. If you've heard the news, be it local or international, you might know that the Philippine government had approved a law that limits the freedom of the internet and many Netizens have taken action to show their revolt to this act. I guess it's the new form of rebellion against the government.

Manipulation N. 46 by Shi Lifeng
Art is actually a great medium for rebelling against the injustice of authorities and I found one man in China that used his art as a form of rebellion against the system. He's Shi Lifeng and he uses his art to go against the oppressive government in China. He uses the concept of individualism in a Communist regime through his artwork. It's simply wonderful. And to back that statement up, Guns N' Roses even used one of his paintings as the cover for their album "Democracy in China".

Angelica Alzona
I think one misconception about Art for some people is that it's only for the elite or those who have the money to buy stunning art pieces but I'm telling you now, that is totally wrong. Some artists sell very affordable art and use it as a form of promotion for their style to a certain market. Or some even giveaway their art to charities to help them inspire other people or teenagers to make better choices in life.

Art can be used in so many different ways that it is almost impossible for any one to not love art. One might not love it to the same extent as an Art student but it is impossible, in my opinion, to hate the world of art. It's just not possible for me. I don't think I could live without Art, Music and Words. Those three consume my daily life and I am a humble, obedient and ever fervent servant of art, music and words. I'll show you to you guys other photos of my inspirations for the week after the read more.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Outfit Teaser

Here's a little teaser for you guys on my latest look. I'll be posting this either
tomorrow or the next day. Do anticipate it! Also, I'll be doing a foodie log post
soon as well as a college 101 tip. Hope you loves are swell! xx
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Hey loves! I was in the mood today to make an outfit post even though it was a bit gloomy outside. I was supposed to go to school today but I couldn't since I couldn't get a public transportation going to school. Good thing I only have one class and it's my first time to be absent in that class. My motif for today is, of course, comfort. As you all know, I'm a lazy big boned girl. I'm all for comfortable style.

Top/Collezione. Pants/Bench. Shoes/S&H. Watch/Casio.
I'm sporting a top knot bun for this outfit just because I want to feature my face and look clean. I know it's not a wow outfit but it does serve its purpose. I can walk around the campus and not hurt my feet. I can raise my hand and move freely, not really caring if I expose some skin or not. It's just perfect for those days that you only have one class and you're lazy but still want to look decent.

I am in love with these shoes. It's fashionable, comfortable, chic and easy to pair up with anything. I definitely recommend buying brogues to you loves. It's a must for us lazy fashionistas. I also think it's much more suited to school girls and the corporate world. Around mid-October, there will be another bazaar and I'm hoping I'll be able to get good outfit essentials there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Ring/Romwe. Watch/Casio.
I also mellowed down my accessories to a ring and a watch just to emphasize on the cleanliness of the look. I'm very fond of my new watch that my mother bought me from Hong Kong. Thank you, Mum, for buying my watch. I know I've pestered you for a new watch for almost 2 months. Heehee.

Eye & Palm Earring/Romwe. Brife Open Ring/Romwe. Nails/Glam Nails & Skin Salon.
If you haven't seen my earring before, it's a palm with an eye on the middle. As you guys might know, I'm a follower of the Buddhist philosophy and I am in love with all types of accessories related to Buddhism. Ironically, my nail art is of a red cross. I don't really know what's going on my mind but I just wanted to have a red cross on my middle finger. Hahaha! You can see my post about my nails, here

I think I'll end my post here. Thanks loves for reading this post! If you've got any comments or want me to check out your blogs, do leave your links below! Also, I'm thinking of getting a new set of ear piercings again later. Hopefully, everything goes according to plan. Ciao for now bellas! xx
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