Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunnies in Fall

The Philippines being a tropical country usually only have dry season and wet season. There’s no fall, spring or winter season, which is such a shame really since it would’ve been awesome to rock different outfits for different seasons. Not to mention, getting new sets of clothes every season. It’ll be exciting for any fashion loving girl, right? I’ve been exceptionally fond of sunglasses, especially these retro glasses, and I think they’re just perfect for any type of season.

I’ll show you guys some awesome outfit inspirations that’ll go well with sunnies even during the fall season.  From the sweet and romantic fashionista to the rock and roll goddesses that read this blog, I'll try to give you a good set or two. Sounds good?
Up Is Where We Go From Here
This set would look great with the first sunglasses, don't you think? I mixed soft textured pieces with hard and bold prints that gives it great personality. It's a great outfit for abnormal weather patterns that's usually happening during the fall season. It's not too hot but suddenly it becomes cold. So, why not wear a super cute wool sweater? What do you think of this look?
Glittery Leather

Here's my feeble attempt to make a rock and roll themed set. I know, it's a little weak and very amateur but I do love the contrast of a hard and intense leather jacket with a feminine and very disco glittery short shorts. Isn't just so comfy? But of course, we can't have too much comfort so I added to the set one mean pair of stiletto heels. They're lovely right? It fits the second sunnies well right? It gives off a rock and roll vibe but still 
very fun and girly.

I'll  be ending my post here. I hope you loves enjoyed this post. xx
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  1. those sunglasses are totally cute!!! and i am loving the first set. it's a really cute outfit.

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  2. Nice posting "sunglasses set " .. This is the first time I have come across your-site. Post info, I’ll be back soon. Thanks!


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