Sunday, September 02, 2012

New Hairdo

Hey lovies! I just wanted to show you guys my new hairdo. I got this done last August 22 in Bench's Fix Salon in Trinoma. I went from long wavy and, in my opinion, sexy hair to a full bangs shoulder length hair.

I'm kinda loving it but also think it's sort of a hassle to maintain. I have to constantly look at a mirror and make sure that it's still a full bang and not parted in the middle or what-not. 

Although, I think my hair being naturally wavy is a perk since it's gives my hair this effortless pizaass. Or maybe that's just me and my overly high confidence in myself. Hahaha! I'll also take this opportunity to polish my blow drying skills as well as my hair styling skills to keep my 'do presentable.

I think I'll show you guys how my hair looks like when it's not wet. Consider this as a little teaser to my next post. Also, forgive my derpy look in this photo. I didn't even know that I had such big eye bags. It's so huge and puffy. Do you guys know a trick to hide or lessen the bags under my eyes?
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  1. Wow. You look younger and even more lovely with this new do, suits you well. My mom always tell me to put cucumber in my eyes for puffy eye bags.


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