Sunday, September 02, 2012

Lunch Date at Gumbo

Hey lovies! I'm still doing tons of back posts today and here's one of them. My parents and I usually go out on weekends to eat or go somewhere nice. A few weeks back, we went to a mall near our place and just had a good time. We went to see a movie and ate at one of my favorite places to have a good and filling meal, Gumbo.

I'm a huge fan of Gumbo and every time I go there I try something new but I never forget to order my favorite Seafood Jambalaya. I thank the heavens that I still eat seafood or else I would've cried or totally lost it. I really have to tell you guys that their onion soup was divine. That's their onion soup above and they've added bread with melted cheese on top in the soup. I think it's a total win since I'm a huge sucker for cheese and onion soup.

Here's my favorite, Seafood Jambalaya. I don't know how to fully explain to you guys the taste of this dish but it's sort of a mix of curry or some other other. I'm really not sure, all I know is that I like how it tastes. I think it's sort of like a Paella or maybe a variety of a Paella.

Seafood Jambalaya usually has shrimp, squid, and various seashells. Gumbo also has a variety of Jambalaya dishes you can choose from but if you want to try out something that you'll like for sure, it's the Seafood Jambalaya. I'd also recommend their salads. One of my favorites is the Four Season Salad which has grapes, mangoes and kiwis on the salad. Plus, they have this zesty vinaigrette that you'll really like.

As for their drinks, I think you can order any of them since they all taste great. The soups are like that as well. I think the reason why my parents and I really like Gumbo is the quality of their food plus the size of their servings. As you guys know, we love eating or should I say, my mom and I love eating. So, it's really a plus for us if the restaurant has a big serving.

I really recommend eating at Gumbo. For the North people, you can enjoy Gumbo in SM North-The Block, SM Megamall Atrium, and Gateway Mall. As for the South people, you can enjoy Gumbo in Robinsons Midtown and in Mall of Asia. If you do get the chance to eat there, tell me about your experience! I'd love to know if you liked it or hated it. 

And, here's a little photo of myself. I was actually very lazy that day and went for my go-to outfit during days like that. I wore a tie-dye shirt plus my cut-off shorts and I added a little scarf that I turned into this cute turban of sorts. What do you think? It looks good on me right?

I'll show you guys how to do this hairdo. It's actually really easy and it doesn't have to be perfect to make it work. The messiness of it all actually makes the 'do more attractive. Maybe it's just the bohemian in me that like the messy hair or something. Hahaha! Do wait for my little hair tutorial in the future! :)

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