Thursday, September 06, 2012

Foodie Log: Zark's Burgers

Hey loves! Last August 22, my mum and I went to a great burger place near my school. As you know, I'm a Pescetarian and I no longer eat meat or poultry but I just couldn't say No to this place. I've been craving for bacon and hot wings for a long time that I think I've actually cried once just thinking about it's goodness. I know, me eating meat was a sign of my lack of condition but... it's not bad to give in once in a while. Right?

I think you guys will understand why I gave in to the temptation of eating meat when you see the burger I ate. It was just marvelous. If you've seen my previous post talking about me giving in, then you've seen what my mother ate in Zark's Burgers. Actually, it was my mom who really wanted to eat in Zark's. It was her idea and she's been craving for Zark's since June or March when it was featured in a TV Magazine show. She keeps on telling me that we should eat there or that we should ask our friends out and eat there. I just couldn't say No to her and those awesome burgers. As you can see below, she's loving the size of the burgers in Zark's. Imagine, that burger is part of their minor league or their "smaller" serving. Crazy, right?

Zark's Burgers in Taft is located on the same building as Yellow Cab and Army Navy. It's on the second floor and to my delight, as well as most of its patrons, they've gotten a bigger place. I remember before, when I was still a first year student in La Salle, Zark's only had a small place that allowed around 15-20 people inside. Usually during their Jawbreaker fest or when they have their yearly discount on their burgers, the place would be jam packed with customers. Not to mention, the long line of people waiting for an opening inside or just to order a take-out. Sometimes, Zark's would even only accept those who reserved beforehand for seats. They're that in demand and that's how much people love their burgers.

The photo above is the burger I ate when my mum and I are at Zark's. She's a beaut, isn't she? Imagine a quarter pound patty with tomato, lettuce and cheese sandwiched in two soft buns then wrapped in strips of bacon then deep fried to goody perfection. I know, it could kill me. I totally regret nothing! For the 6 months that I've craved for beat and controlled my craving, this was worth all the pain and growling stomach. I don't think I'll eat meat for a while or ever again for that matter. Maybe, another 6 months or so?

I swear to you guys, I don't think my stomach can handle meat anymore. I remember, after eating the burger, I felt heavy, sleepy, and not to mention my stomach practically killed me with indigestion. It was just not a great post-Nirvana feeling but again, I'd do it all over again. No doubt about it but only after 6 months. Hahaha!

Look at my smile! Haha! I look like a really giddy customer, which I really am. I have to tell you guys though that if you want to order the burger I ate, you have to wait for quite a while since it really takes time to cook it but if you're going for their normal burgers or their regularly ordered burgers, the wait isn't that long. Just make sure to allot 15-20 minutes of waiting time. You can't go to Zark's and not enjoy, neigh savor, the meal fully because if you do that, I will freaking cut you. Hahaha! I kid.

But seriously, the best way to experience Zark's Burgers is to savor it and eat at your own pace. Unless you're going for their 5-minute challenge, then I suggest you eat like it's the last meal you'll even eat. Hahaha! If you're just going to eat Tombstone or Jawbreaker, their multi-patty burgers of goodness and greatness, I suggest you share it with a friend or lover or if you think you're that hungry... be my guest! Finish the whole monstrous burger! Haha! My mum and I plan on eating that the next time we'll eat in Zark's.

Another tip I'd like to share to you guys when you're eating in Zark's is, bring perfumes or anything to put on you after you've eaten in Zark's because I'm telling you now that the smell of burgers and fries will stick to your clothes. So, I suggest either wear something comfy and then change after or bring a perfume/cologne to pacify the scent of burgers. It's your call. Lastly, if you don't want to smell like burgers and don't mind eating elsewhere, just order a take out and eat it in a place you prefer. That's the best thing you can do.

If you're wondering the price of their burgers, it's about 150-500+ pesos (or about 4-12 USD). It's pricey if you're a prude/on-a-budget student like me but it's totally worth your money. You can't eat at Zark's everyday because you'd probably die after a term or two. Or maybe, you'll end up penniless after a week of eating at Zark's non-stop. However, it's great for those splurge days where you just want to eat something good or worth its price. Or maybe, your rich friend decides to treat you to a meal. Hahaha!

I think I'll end my post here and I hope you guys liked this post. I'm thinking of making foodie log posts about the restaurants and food places near my school. I'll make a list of great places to eat after I've eaten on most parts of the area. I do hope you'll anticipate that! xx
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  1. Haven't been to Taft for years now, but I am glad to find a reason now to take time of exploring the place again.

    Burgers made me seriously hungry now! Arg..


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