Monday, September 03, 2012

Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco

Hey hey lovies! Last August 17, my parents and I went to Cirque du Soleil's second performance in the Philippines called Saltimbanco. Last year, I didn't have the chance to watch their first performance here and I was really happy that this time around I had the opportunity to watch their performance. It was all thanks to my step-dad's perks from Globe Platinum. We got to watch Saltimbanco courtesy of Globe Platinum's balcony seats.

I was actually really shocked since I really didn't expect Globe to give out tickets to Saltimbanco since the tickets were really pricey but I was more shocked that Globe has it's own suite in SM Arena. Although it's not front row seats, it's still pretty good seats and not to mention they serve badass dishes there. I also like that they're very private and you still get a good view of the show. I wonder if Globe can give us tickets to Big Bang's concert in October?

We were this far to the stage. It's not father than the General Admission tickets but it wasn't as near as the Lower Box seats or the Front Row seats. The show was, as expected, marvelous. They had mimes, muscle shows, trapeze, and a lot more performances that made us hold our breaths. I think my favorite part was the trapeze and the cute mime that keeps on dragging the audience to the performance. It was just amazeballs.

I'll end my post here. I really didn't have photos of the show since it was prohibited but at least I got some photos with my mom's Samsung Note. As for my look for that day, I'll think about it if I'm going to post it here. I don't really think it's that post worthy though since I just wore jeans, basic top and on open toe flat. It's really simple.
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