Sunday, September 16, 2012

[Back Post] Week-end Vacay Look # 1

Hey lovies! Haven't done this in a while so, I thought I'd share to you some of the posts I should've made while I was gone. I hope you all have been well while I was out of the whole blogosphere for a few days. I've got tons of things to tell you guys but I'll start posting about that later on. First, I'm going to share to you guys some week-end outfits that I wore a few months back then a photo diary of that week-end. Sounds good? Great!
Forgive my overly exposed photo. The sun was out rather harshly and my cousin couldn't fix the camera's setting. We're amateurs like that, you know? Hahahaha! Anyway, this was taken on one of the private pools that we checked out that day. It was great but too pricey for a group of 8 people. I am totally in love with my cover up although you can't see it properly in the photo, it's really nice. Seeing this photo made me miss my hair color a lot. Ahh. I definitely need to get my hair colored soon.

Here's somewhat a clearer version of my look. I'm totally dresses down in this photo. I just realized that my top and my cover up has the same pattern. Well, that's nice. I got my cover up in Greenhills while my top was bought in a thrift store. Actually, each piece of clothing that I'm wearing costs below 300 pesos (or around 7-8USD). I think the only thing that costs a lot is my slippers. I bought them in Ipanema while I was in Singapore a few years back.

And I'll end my post here with a derpy photo of myself. I tied my hair in a cute but weird way. Any who, I hope you guys are well! xx
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