Sunday, August 05, 2012

Viral Spotlight: Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Sabrina: The Teenage Witch (The Movie)

I haven't posted much on my segment Viral Spotlight, even though I'm always on YouTube so I thought I should post this video. Although it's not my usual Viral Spotlight post, I really wanted to share to you guys this movie that made me remember my sweet sweet childhood. If you're a 90's kid, I know you know who Sabrina is and what she is all about. I'm a proud 90's kid and even though I'm part of the "mid" 90's, I'm still proud to say that my childhood rocked.

I remember spending my days outside with my playmates or should I say, we played in our house since I can't go outside, and we'd play with actual toys. Not video games or apps or any of those hullabaloos. Just the plain old cooking sets, house sets, imaginary castles made out of blankets and our sofa bed. Those were the good old days of the 90's. We had the old Nickelodeon, the old Cartoon Network and the old Disney where All That, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Popeye, Rugrats and a lot more honest to God shows that up until today can't be replaced.

Some of you might disagree on this but I don't really care that much. I really believe 90's shows rocked. They're so much more than just entertainment or silliness. Shows during the 90's were educational, hilarious and catalysts for imagination and creativity. I mean, where can you find a talking burger or a cat that talks or a sailor that suddenly grows big and strong after he eats spinach? You can only find it in 90's shows or at least that's where it started. Maybe I'm just biased because I'm a 90's kid or whatever.

Anyway, I hope you lovely readers enjoy this movie. It's the same as Prayers for Bobby, it's the full movie so you won't get disturbed or suddenly get cut during the really good scenes. After the jump, I'm going to announce the winner of the Gelibean Couture Giveaway, which you can see here. Do you think you're the winner?

Congratulations Camille Quiambao for winning the giveaway!
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that is August 10, I'm going to have to draw another winner. Okay? :)
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