Monday, August 27, 2012

The Hottest Styles in Men’s Swimwear

When it comes to swimwear, it is women who are usually expected to spend hours and hours wandering around the different department stores, shops and swimwear boutiques, meticulously pondering over what will look the best when they step onto the sand! This may be very true but we'd be naïve in thinking that it was solely women who dedicated a lot of time and effort in to deciding on what item of swimwear to take on holiday.

Of course, men want to make sure they look their best when lounging on a beach and this means looking at the hottest swimwear styles.

Board shorts
Board shorts are loose and comfortable and are proving to be a popular style of mens swimwear this year. Typically made out of spandex, board shorts stretch with the often demanding moves which diving in the pool and swimming in the sea put on swimming garments.

This year, men’s board shorts are available in many different shades, with three of the top shades being neon yellow, lime green and bright red – in other words, be bold and be daring!

Trunks are essentially for two types of men; those who prefer the more inconspicuous and less revealing style of swimwear and those who love to strut their stuff.

If you or your man is of the latter persuasion then good news, as trunks are certainly in fashion this summer! In an aesthetical sense 2012 men’s trunks are available in many different shades, although darker colours, such as navy blue, black and dark grey, seem to be taking centre stage.

Alongside their strong style credentials, trunks are also highly practical. Being made out of a stretchy material, trunks provide a comfortable choice of swimwear and will move with each swimming stroke. Asides from being smooth and flexible, trunks dry much quicker than cotton swimwear equivalents and are a great addition to any summer wardrobe.

Boxers are not just confined to a style of men’s underwear and 2012 is seeing a revival of the swim boxers. This stylish type of men’s swimwear, typically lie mid-way down the thigh, creating chic and mature look.  

This season swim boxers are available in many different patterns and shades, ranging from plain white and plain navy to bolder stripes and patterns in a multitude of colours.

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