Tuesday, August 07, 2012

[Teaser] Behind The Monitor: Jessica Tuong

Jessica Tuong of Mind, Body, Shop
Hey lovies! I'm really happy to tell you some exciting news. I've finally done it. I'm going to interview my very first fashion blogger and I am sooo excited to share it to you guys. I've decided that I want to hone my skills and further develop my blog by interviewing and featuring other bloggers. I've made a new segment for it called, Behind The Monitor.

I decided to name my interview/feature posts Behind The Monitor because of a single reason, they're bloggers and you only see a blogger's life through the monitor. So, my plan is to show you guys the person behind the monitor, behind the blog, behind all the photos. I want you guys to love the blog but love the person more. Hence, I made this segment.

If you didn't know, I'm part of a community called Independent Fashion Bloggers, it's basically a website where you can meet fellow fashion bloggers and get connected. In there, I happened to meet a lovely lady named Jessica and when I saw her blog, I instantly knew I had to interview and feature her blog on Operation: Fix Life. I just knew it.

I actually have a hidden agenda on making this post. I want to ask you guys to give me some questions to ask to Jessica. It would be part of my "Random Follower" question. You could ask her anything. I mean it, ANYTHING! 

Just comment down below what you want to ask Jessica
and I'll choose one or maybe three questions.
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  1. What's one thing That made you want to Become a Fashion blogger??
    XOXO Pamela

  2. Technically, it is only Aug 9 at 11:45pm here in Scottsdale AZ, so my question is not late yet =) What is your favorite season of the year and how do you like dressing for it?


    1. You're right! Totally forgot about the different time zones! That's a good one. Thanks for reminding me Sheila! xx


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