Friday, August 10, 2012

Take Me Away, Doctor!

Hey lovies! If you've read my previous post then you probably know that I have a guest post coming soon. Well, it's coming sooner that you think. I was actually very surprised with my guest blogger's fast response and draft since I know it's difficult to align different time zones. Anyway, I'm very pleased to present to you guys a post from Brennan, my guest blogger and fellow Whovian.

Have you guessed what type of post this will be? Yep. I think you know. The title's a giveaway! Hahaha! Yep. It's a Doctor Who related post! I won't blabber on too much and let you guys read the post Brennan made for you lovely ladies out there that are in love with the Doctor as much as Brennan and I.


If you're as obsessed with Dr. Who as Renee and I are, you've asked yourself this question many times before: 

If I ran away with the Doctor today, what would I wear?

The answer is different for every person but here are a few pointers,
just to make sure all your bases are covered:

Layered Tops: This is the number one key to dressing for the Tardis. Heavens knows when you'll be back so you need as many options as possible. I chose a thin but sturdy top from Carlos Miele, a rugged denim jacket, and of course a cozy waterproof Burberry coat because might as well go designer. 

Adventure Pants: Just like layers, you gotta pack on the pockets. But if any of you try to wear cargo pants, so help me Rory, the Doctor will leave your unfashionable behind faster than a weeping angel can kill you. 

Practical Footwear: Steel-toed preferably. Sadly the shoes need to be practical rather than pretty. What for all the Ood-kicking. You need something that gives you ankle and arch support. Just say a prayer that there's a pair of stilettos somewhere on the Tardis to wear on your off days.

Jewelry as Weaponry: You might as well kill two birds with one stone: look stylish and pack a punch. Make sure to bring your brass knuckles. 

Adventure Doctor

Horseback riding with Braveheart
Furniture shopping in Ancient Egypt
A pint at the pub with Shakespeare

Where would you go with your Doctor?


I really have to say. I quite agree with Brennan's take on what we Whovians should wear when the Doctor comes to take us away to the Tardis and begin our travels with him as a companion. I know you girls have imagined it, watching the nebula with the Doctor in the Tardis reminiscing about Rose, Sarah Jane, and even his granddaughter. Well, I know I have. This post from Brennan actually inspired me to make a 'runaway with the doctor' inspired post. I think I'll show it to you guys sometime in the near future. ;)

As for now, I gots to go yo. Allonsy!
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  1. Love this post, really whimsical with some great info =)
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  4. Hey,

    i really like your blog! Im following!

    I would like to share my blog with you, and feel free to follow back if you like it.

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