Friday, August 31, 2012

Something Sizzlin' for the Cold Weather

LADIES, and some gents here and there, get ready to hold on to your knickers! I am pretty sure your knickers will be blown away by these sizzlin' hot men. I'm really sure. I watched the video and my god, I'm already blushing and giggling like a crazy woman. I'm very pleased to show you lovies the hot, hot, HOT bachelors of Cosmo Philippines.

With their banging bodies for you to drool on and not to mention a song that can make any girl blush, this is definitely the next big viral hit. I'm seeing familiar Filipino actors and some cute jocks but what pleases my eyes are those new pappies that are just, yummy. Yes, I've said it. They're just delicious! The chocolate abs are mighty fine! I'll stop gushing and let you enjoy this. Gonna replay it for the 5th time. Hahahah! Cheers ladies! Thanks Cosmo PH!
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