Friday, August 31, 2012

Sephora's 70% Sale!

Hey lovies! I'm getting tons of great deals on the internet today and I thought I could share it with you guys. I'm thrilled that Sephora's having up to 70% off sale. I'm not sure how long this sale will last but I know I better tell it to you guys fast so that you can buy more goodies. They have a wide range of products on sale from brush sets to nail polish sets, from nail polishes to false lashes and even perfumes! I definitely think this is a great opportunity to stack up on some essential beauty products as well as splurge on those cute Hello Kitty and Tokidoki beauty products.

As you know, I'm becoming a huge make-up fan and here are some of  the thing on the sale that caught my almond eyes...

Want to see more of my favorites from the sale plus the link to the sale?

Here's the link to the sale ladies, and maybe some gents here and there, click here!

I'm pretty sure you'll love the products they have on sale not to mention that they're really cheap. They've slashed big prices and went down as low as $3! Crazy, right? So what are you lovely doves waiting for? Buy those much needed self-indulgences and splurge your heart out on Sephora's big sale! xx
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