Monday, August 06, 2012

Magnify: Martino Vintage Bag

Hey lovies! I am in love with this lovely bag that I got from my aunt's closet. If you've read my previous post, you'd know that my aunt's clearing out her closet. Me and my other aunt along with my cousins rummaged her closet and took some of the clothes, bags and shoes that she no longer uses. It's sort of a mini-thrift store. Hahaha! I was lucky enough to snag  this gorgeous bag along with other great finds that I'll share with you guys in the next few days. :) 

It's a great bag. It can fit my Canon G9 camera inside, a make-up kit, an umbrella and a journal. I think those are my must haves as of the moment since I'm not going to school yet. It's a shoulder bag but I feel like I can turn it into a sling bag since the straps are connected. It sort of moves to your bidding and you can turn it into a sling bag. It's all leather and although it has some signs of wear and tear, it's still at an excellent shape. I'm really lucky that my aunt let me have it. 

Lastly, I am in love with this little detail on the bag. It's subtle yet very beautiful. It doesn't distract you to the beauty of the leather of the bag but it accentuates the feel and over-all look of the bag. Don't you think? Maybe I'm just in love or maybe it's just too freaking perfect. I'm just loving this bag a lot. If you're wondering what bag it is, it's a Martino bag. Well, that's what the tag says anyway. I actually researched about it and here's what I found out about Martino. Nothing. I guess I'll just have to ask my aunt where she bought it or maybe I shouldn't and keep it as a sort of mystery? Isn't that part of the beauty of vintage things, the mystery and the history? :)
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